Differentiation and Integration Formula

Differentiation and Integration Formulas have many important formulas. You’ll read about the formulas as well as its definition with an explanation in this article.

Definition of Differentiation:

A derivative of a function related to the independent variable is called Differentiation and it is used to measure the per unit change in function in the independent variable. If y = f(x) is a function of x, then the rate of change of y per unit change in x will be shown as


Important Differentiation Formulas:

f(a) = sin a, so f x = cos x

f(a) = cos a, so f x = -sin x

f(a) = tan a, so f x = -tan2a

Definition of Integration:

The integration of a function f(a) is given by F(a) and is written as

\(\int\) f(a) da = F(a) +C, where Right hand side shows integral of f(a) with respect to a

F(a) is called primitive, d(a) is called the integrand and C is constant of integration, a is variable.

Important Integration Formulas

\(\int\) sin a d(a) = -cos a + c

\(\int\) cos a d(a) = sin a + c

\(\int\) sec2 a d(a) = tan a + c

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