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Early Learn

With interactive videos, games, timeless Disney characters and loads more, learning has never been so fun! Here's a quick video which will explain the features and help you use the learning program effectively.

Magic Worksheets

Bring learning to life with our digitally enabled interactive worksheets which will help you practice and get real-time feedback. Watch the video to know how to use the worksheets with the WizPen.

Disney•BYJU'S Early Learn
kit contains:

Disney•BYJU'S Early Learn App

Launch the app once you switch on your tab. With a few simple steps and a dash of curiosity you'll be all set to learn. You can see which grade you belong to and change your avatar from the Parent's Zone.

BYJU'S Castle Quest

Play this fun pop-up castle game with friends. Beware of tricky questions on the way (instructions and puzzle cards are in your card deck). Right answers mean three steps forward and a wrong one moves you back by two steps. First one to reach the castle wins. Good luck little learners!

Magic worksheets

Bring learning to life with the all new Osmo kit. The starter kit has 20 worksheets to keep you busy. We will send the entire set to you soon. Here's how to get started:

  1. Put your tab on the base and position your Osmo reflector
  2. Click on the worksheet icon on the homescreen to start
  3. Also, ensure that you always use the worksheets and workbooks with the WizPen only
P.S: Don't worry if your WizPen gets worn out or lost. We are sending you Four more with the workbooks. And you can always call your mentor for more.

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