Adjectives for Dogs

Dogs are the most loyal and faithful animals in the world. Dogs cannot speak but can understand you and your feelings even better than humans do. Dogs are considered to be ‘man’s best friend’. Various adjectives can be used to describe the features, activities, looks and nature of a dog. Check out the article for such adjectives.

List of Adjectives for Dogs

Go through the following table and also try using them in sentences of your own.

Active Curious Mischievous Rambunctious
Affectionate Courageous Nervous Needy
Agile Belligerent Moody Rebellious
Anxious Faithful Muscular Regal
Alert Crazy Naughty Obstinate
Cuddly Athletic Obedient Energetic
Beloved Defiant Pampered Family-friendly
Big Likeable Patient Precious
Brave Dependent People-friendly Fast
Canine Devoted Perfect Fluffy
Bright-eyed Disobedient Frisky Fun
Bull-headed Distinctive Playful Four-legged
Calm Lazy Pleasant Friendly
Cat-friendly Little Long-haired Furry
Cheerful Lovable Good Fuzzy
Mellow Quick Protective Gentle
Chubby Loving Loyal Giant
Clumsy Merry Quiet Goofy
Greedy Clever Keen Silly
Grumpy Hungry Kid-friendly Hyper
Sleepy Hyperactive Healthy Smart
Happy Scruffy Sneaky Instinctual
Wonderful Intelligent Sensitive Snuggly
Sporty Quirky Tough Vigilant
Spotted Sure-footed Trainable Vocal
Spry Joyful Trained Watchful
Stray Temperamental Territorial Stubborn
Well-bred Wild Well-trained Zippy

Frequently Asked Questions on Adjectives for Dogs


What are the adjectives for dogs?

The adjectives used for dogs are jolly, joyful, well-bred, faithful, timid, healthy, etc.


What are the adjectives for a dog’s appearance?

The adjectives to be used to describe the dog’s appearance can be four-legged, fluffy, bright-eyed, etc.