Collective Noun for Horse: Improve Your Vocabulary and Grammar Skills

Nouns and verbs are crucial parts of speech. There are various nouns, and the most interesting kind of noun is the collective noun. We all know that a noun is the name of a person, thing, animal, or place, and similarly, a collective noun is a kind of noun used to refer to a group of people, things, animals, birds, etc. Learning various words is essential, and along with that, we must know where and how to use the right words.

Collective Noun for Horse

A collective noun refers to a group of people, animals, birds, etc. We all know that various words are used for various animals and birds. For example, a herd of cows, a hive of bees, etc. are some of the collective nouns used for different animals and birds. We use these words when we do not know the exact number of animals, but we know that there is a plural number of that animal or bird. Similarly, we have provided a few collective nouns for the horse to help you increase your vocabulary.

Harras of Horses

The word ‘harras’ is used for a group of horses running together. You must have come across this word in English movies and novels. While writing an essay or article, the phrase (harras of horses) can be used, which will lead to scoring higher marks in the exams. Using such words will create a good impression.

Harras + preposition + horses

Harras + of + Horses


  • A harras of horses is coming from the farm towards me.
  • I have a dream to ride on horseback with a harras of horses running with me.

Herd of Horses

The most commonly used word for a group of horses is herd. You must have come across these words in many books, documentaries, novels, etc. The word herd, allows you to imagine a large number of horses together. While watching English documentaries or movies with subtitles, you will see that the commonly used word for a group of horses is herd. A herd of horses does not define the exact number of horses in the group but it defines a large number of horses together.

Herd + preposition + horses

Herd of horses


  • The herd of horses looked really beautiful under the hill.
  • I wish to click a picture with a herd of horses.

Stable of Horses

Have you ever seen a group of horses racing? There are various words used for a group of horses. Horse stables are the places where horses feed or rest. Horses are kept in stables that are locked to prevent them from running away or being lost. The horse stable must be suitably safe, with the size of the horses taken into account. Metal wires sometimes surround these constructions and extend up to the horses’ shoulders. Wood is preferred for horse stables, which are commonly seen on farms. The word stable can be used as a collective noun for horses.

Stable + preposition + horses

Stable of horses


  • There is a stable of horses in his backyard.

Stud of Horses

If you like farm life and want to learn the various words for a group of horses, then stud is another kind of collective noun used to denote a group of horses raised for breeding. There are different places for different animals to live and feed. Similarly, the place where horses are kept for breeding is called a stud. It is an old English term which can be used for both horses and cattle used for breeding.

Stud + preposition + horses

Stud of horses


  • The stud of horses belongs to Mr. Samuel.

Other Collective Nouns for Horses

There are various other collective nouns used for the horses which are mentioned below.

  • Troop
  • Team
  • String
  • Field
  • Rag
  • Rake

We hope that the collective nouns for horses will be helpful to you. Keep in mind that different contextually appropriate words will be used in different places.

Frequently Asked Questions on Collective Nouns for Horses

What are the various collective nouns used for horses?

The words that can be used for a group of horses are herd, team, stud, stable, harras, etc.

Which is the collective noun used for wild horses?

The collective noun used for wild horses is herd. The word herd can be used to refer to a group of wild horses.