Collective Noun for Monkeys: Improve Your Vocabulary

Collective nouns are used for various animals to represent the group of animals. The collective nouns are different for different animals, like a herd of sheep, etc. Below in the article, we will be providing a few collective nouns for monkeys. Learning the collective nouns for various animals will help you improve your English vocabulary. Learning the various collective nouns for monkeys will help you create different types of sentences and help you sound sophisticated.

Collective Nouns for Monkeys

Troop of Monkeys

The most commonly used collective noun for monkeys is “Troop”. This word is perfect for a group of monkeys who coexist. Unlike other animals, the social behaviour of these primates is similar to that of humans. So rather than calling them a herd, it is more correct to call them a troop of monkeys.

Troop + preposition + monkeys


  • A troop of monkeys are found on the top of the hills.
  • She feeds a troop of monkeys every morning.

Tribe of Monkeys

The monkeys which coexist, live in communities, and go to some activities together, can be referred to as tribes. If you want your English to be refined and you want to speak in perfect English, then it is essential to know the right words to use in the right place.

Tribe + preposition + monkeys


  • A tribe of monkeys are struggling to find a place to live.
  • Monkeys are the animals that live together; therefore, a tribe of monkeys are common to find in the jungles.

Cartload of Monkeys

Monkeys are always seen in groups and coexist. Therefore, all the collective nouns are used for monkeys who coexist. Cartload is another collective noun used to refer to a group of monkeys.

Cartload + preposition + monkeys


  • A cartload of monkeys is playing on the roof of the building.
  • A cartload of monkeys is not surprising, and they are always seen in the forests, hilltops, etc.

A collective noun is used to represent a group of animals. Using various collective nouns for a group of animals will help you improve your vocabulary. We hope that the information provided will be helpful to students.

Frequently Asked Questions on Collective Nouns for Monkeys

What are the collective nouns for monkeys?

Collective nouns for monkeys can be troop, tribe and cartload. All these words are used for monkeys who coexist. These words help the children improve their vocabulary.

What is the collective noun for a group of male monkeys?

Monkeys are always found in groups. Therefore, a tribe, troop, or cartload can be used for a group of male monkeys.

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