Conversation between Shopkeeper and Customer

As human beings, we communicate all our thoughts, feelings, doubts, suggestions, etc. with each other. One such common communication happens to be the conversation between a shopkeeper and a customer. You must have surely had an experience of making a conversation with a shopkeeper regarding a product or service.

To write a conversation between a shopkeeper and a customer is an easy task. The language used is mostly casual and polite. Check out the sample conversations given below, analyse them and learn how to write one on your own.

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Sample Conversation 1 – Conversation between Shopkeeper and Customer while Purchasing a Product

Shopkeeper – Good morning, sir. How may I help you today?

Customer – Good morning. I want to buy a lady’s watch as a gift to someone.

Shopkeeper – Oh, that is great. Do you have a budget?

Customer – Yes, my budget is around Rs. 2500. Please show me watches within this range.

Shopkeeper – Sure, sir. Just a moment, please. (takes out five to six watches and starts showing.) Here you go, sir. These six watches are within your budget.

Customer – Oh wow, they are beautiful. I hope they will work fine and not cause any problems soon.

Shopkeeper – Sir, if there’s any problem with the watches within the warranty period, then all you need to do is bring the watch to us with the receipt, and we’ll replace it.

Customer – Well, in that case, I will take the third watch, the gold-coloured one.

Shopkeeper – Sure, sir. (packs and hands over the watch) Thank you for shopping with us.

Sample Conversation 2 – Conversation between Shopkeeper and Customer about Product Exchange

Customer – Hello, I bought this watch from your shop a few months back and now it has stopped working. Here is the receipt of the watch.

Shopkeeper – Okay, let me see the receipt. (Looks at the receipt and also finds a fault in the watch’s battery). There has been an unexpected problem with the watch’s battery. We will replace the watch. (Hands over a new watch) We regret the inconvenience caused.

Customer – Do I have to pay for anything?

Shopkeeper – No, sir. Since the brand offers a warranty period of one year, you don’t have to pay anything for the replacement.

Customer – Okay, thank you.

Shopkeeper – You are welcome, sir. Have a nice day.

Sample Conversation 3 – Conversation between Shopkeeper and Customer about Discount Offer

Shopkeeper – Hello, ma’am. Welcome to our store. How can we help you today?

Customer – Hello, I came across the advertisement that this outlet is offering exciting discounts on purchases. Is it true?

Shopkeeper – Yes, ma’am, you have heard it right. We are offering a 25% discount on a minimum purchase of Rs. 1000, and 50% discount on a purchase of Rs. 2000.

Customer – That’s great! Do you have women’s trousers and formal shirts?

Shopkeeper – Sure, ma’am. Please come with me. (takes the customer to the formal dress section)

Customer – (checks the various formal wears and selects two shirts) I think I’ll go for these two. I would like t try it on so that I can ensure that I have the right size. Do you have a trial room?

Shopkeeper – Yes, ma’am. Take a left from here, and you will find the trial rooms.

Customer – (goes into the trial room, tries on the shirts and finds one isn’t the right size) Hey, this violet shirt isn’t the right size. Do you have a ‘large’ size shirt?

Shopkeeper – Let me check, ma’am. (goes to the formal dress section and searches for the right size, finds one and comes back to the customer.) Here is the size you asked for. Should I take these to the billing department? Or would you like to buy some more?

Customer – No, that will do. Can you tell me how much they cost and whether it is eligible for a discount or not?

Shopkeeper – (goes to the billing counter and checks the computer) Congrats, ma’am. Your purchase has got you a 25% discount and your total billing amount is Rs. 730.

Customer – That’s nice. Here’s the amount. (hands over the cash to the shopkeeper)

Shopkeeper – Thank you for shopping with us. Have a nice day.

Customer – Yes, you too.

Sample Conversation 4 – Conversation between Shopkeeper and Customer about Buying Grocery Items

Customer – Hello, I want to buy a few items.

Shopkeeper – Sure, sir. Tell me what you need.

Customer – I would need two loaves of bread, four dozen eggs, 1 kg flour, 2 litres of vegetable oil, three blocks of butter, one packet of oregano and chilli flakes, 2 kg onions and potatoes.

Shopkeeper – Okay, sir. (goes inside the shop to bring out the things needed) Sorry sir, we are out of oregano and chilli flakes.

Customer – No problem. Please pack the rest of the things in this bag and give me the bill.

Shopkeeper – Just a moment, please. (packs the things in the jute bag and calculates the total) Sir, you have to pay Rs. 1500.

Customer – Here you go. (hands over the cash to the shopkeeper and takes the bag)

Shopkeeper – Thank you, sir. Have a nice day, and please visit us again.

Customer – Thank you.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)


Who is a customer?

A customer is someone who buys or purchases goods or avails different services.


What is a conversation?

An interactive communication or informal talk between two or more people is known as a conversation.