Dictation Words in English for Classes 1-8

‘Receive’ or ‘Recieve’? Not sure? Do you often find it difficult to identify the correct spelling of words? Well, if you do, exploring dictation words can be one of the ways to help you through it.

One of the key factors that help in the quick learning of a new language is enriching your vocabulary, and in order to do that, all you have to do is learn as many new words as possible with its spelling, meaning and usage. Learning the spellings of words is a gradual process, especially in the English language, as there are multiple words with similar pronunciation, similar sounds having different spellings and so on.

Only with constant use and practice will you be able to master the language. Dictation words can be a good starting point. Check out the lists of dictation words given in the article suitable for classes 1-8.

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Improving Vocabulary – Tips and Techniques

English is a language that has words with very peculiar spellings. Most often, English language learners confuse the spellings of similar sounding words like homophones and homonyms. The language also has a way of using different spellings for the same phonetic sound. All of these can be reasons that scare a student or any new language learner of English; however, these are also the reasons that make the language very interesting.

Learning new words on a regular basis is the key to improve your language skills as a whole. Here are some tips and techniques that will help you structure your learning process meticulously.

  • Maintain a personal vocabulary notebook.
  • Make sure you learn at least three to five new words every day.
  • Every time you come across a new word (spoken or read), note it down, learn what it means and try to use them in your communication appropriately.
  • Learning synonyms and antonyms of the words you learn everyday will also add to your vocabulary.
  • Going through dictation words can also be a good vocabulary-building exercise.
  • Read as much as possible and converse in English with your friends and peers.

Dictation Words for Class 1

In Grade 1, students can work on their vocabulary by learning the spellings of monosyllabic and disyllabic words. Check out the table below.

List of Dictation Words for Class 1

An Cat Man Pat Cut
Pin Ten Sit Net Let
Hen Goat Fish Dog Ring
Table Jar Boat Tie Fry
Neat Bat Cup Mad Help

Dictation Words for Class 2

Students of Class 2 can learn words that are slightly longer monosyllabic and disyllabic words. Here is a list of 25 words that you can go through.

List of Dictation Words for Class 2

That Chair Game Play Yellow
Hair Nothing Bring Lamb Horse
Short Treat Moon Hole Paper
Loose Nasty Floor Green Parent
Brother Sister Coat Finger Earth

Dictation Words for Class 3

Learning words with double consonants and diphthongs can be a good way to improve your vocabulary. When you are in Class 3, you would have already come across simple words like pan, can, mat, etc. Check out the table below and go through the words given.

List of Dictation Words for Class 3

Better Redder Achieve Receive Geese
Chatter Butter Potter Theatre Deeper
Aeroplane Free Perceive Mail Hoop
Shoot Rain Baggage Brought Door
Fleet Sheep Grieve Thief Root

Dictation Words for Class 4

Students of Class 4 can start learning disyllabic and trisyllabic words to build their vocabulary. Go through the table given below for dictation words that would improve your vocabulary.

List of Dictation Words for Class 4

Notebook Newspaper Later Juice Seashore
Salad Teacher Laughter Message Computer
Motorbike Video Rhythm Sweater Dusty
Gymnasium Knock Jasmine Kangaroo Butterfly
Chandelier Watchman Maroon Corridor Staircase

Dictation Words for Class 5

As you grow, you come across a lot of simple words. Now that you are a Grade 5 student, you can go on to learn polysyllabic words. Check out the table below for some dictation words that you can learn.

List of Dictation Words for Class 5

Comfortable Poetry Environment Perambulator Ambulance
Lavender Paranoid Entertainment Autorickshaw Straighten
Scratch Gratitude Brevity Courageous Toaster
Luggage Potassium Thoughtfulness Attitude Curtains
Poultry Military Automatic Compulsory Refrigerator

Dictation Words for Class 6

Adding to your vocabulary will help you improve your language skills on the whole. Students of Class 6 can go through the following list of words and build their vocabulary.

List of Dictation Words for Class 6

Encyclopaedia Vacation Biscuit Diabetics Rhinoceros
Column Scissors Prudent Convenience Conscience
Insurance Octopus Typewriter Pavement Bravery
Repentance Barrier Impartial Technology Broccoli
Termination Philosophy Psychology Apartment Velocity

Dictation Words for Class 7

Below is a list of dictation words that would students of Class 7 improve their vocabulary range.

List of Dictation Words for Class 7

Investigation Realisation Personalisation Radiance Percussion
Appearance Apparition Disapproval Pathetic Revolution
Involuntary Exhaustion Movement Nutrition Automotive
Performance Errand Magazine Malfunction Furniture
Amazement Psychologist Reflection Dermatologist Perfection

Dictation Words for Class 8

Building your vocabulary is one of the most important factors that help your language learning to a great extent. As students of Class 8, you will be coming across a number of difficult words that you can use in your everyday communication. Check out the table of dictation words given below.

List of Dictation Words for Class 8

Unbelievable Independence Boundary Discovery Invention
Patriotism Temperature Fraudulent Questionable Appreciation
Flibbertigibbet Commitment Responsibility Instrumental Syllabification
Acknowledgement Communication Ambiguation Continuation Longevity
Misunderstanding Miscellaneous Sesquicentennial Vengeance Mature

Frequently Asked Questions on Dictation Words


Give some words for dictation.

Here are a few words for dictation:

  • Manageable
  • Resurrection
  • Photography
  • Prescription
  • Enough
  • Sedimentary
  • Technology
  • Pandemic
  • Universe
  • Binge-worthy

What are the ten most misspelt words?

Here is a list of ten commonly misspelt words for your reference.

  • Receive
  • Thief
  • Capability
  • Entrepreneur
  • Conscience
  • Necessity
  • Occasion
  • Bureaucracy
  • Encyclopaedia
  • Colleague