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When would you call a person ‘a boy’ or ‘a man’? Sometimes there arise situations where someone calls ‘a boy’ as ‘a man’ or vice versa. So how to make sure that whenever we are using these words, you are using them correctly? This article will discuss all the relevant points that one needs to know when dealing with these words. No doubt, the English Language can trick people into using words like these in the wrong context. But the person who knows the difference between such words can easily avoid such situations. The points below will ensure that the next time you use these words, you use them correctly.

Table Summarising the Difference between A Boy and A Man.

A Boy

A Man


The word ‘a boy’ is used to refer to a younger male child.

The word ‘a man’ is used to refer to an adult male being.


It is used as a Noun.

It is used as a Noun.


A boy was playing in the field.

A man helped the blind woman to cross the road.

Though both ‘a boy’ and ‘a man’ refer to a male being, they aren’t synonymous or interchangeable. When using these words, they have to keep in mind the age of the male being they are talking about.

The Difference between A Boy and A Man – Meaning

The only difference between ‘a boy’ and ‘a man’ is their age. If you want to refer to a young male being, you must use the word ‘a boy’ but if you’re going to talk about an adult male being, ‘a man’ is the word you should use. Some might even think ‘a boy’ is immature and kiddish, whereas ‘a man’ is a mature person who makes judgmental decisions. But that’s not entirely true as age has nothing to do with a person’s maturity. In many cases, it’s observed that even ‘a boy’ can make the right decisions, whereas ‘a man’ fails to do so. So basically, the ‘a man’ and ‘a boy’ are just different terms used to describe different ages of a male being.

Example of A Boy and A Man

The examples below will allow students to correctly use the terms ‘a boy’ and ‘a man’.

Boy – A little boy learned how to ride a bicycle soon. (noun)

Man – A nobleman got rewarded for his honesty (noun)

A Boy and A Man – Conclusion

This article points out though ‘a boy’ and ‘a man’ is used to refer to a male being, they can neither be used interchangeably nor synonymously. Besides, BYJU’S also offers various articles on many such ‘differences between two words’ that students often get confused with

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