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As people say, English is indeed a funny language as there are many words present in the English Language that often confuse people. If you ask someone what’s the difference between cot and bed, then they’ll say both are something on which people sleep.

This article will talk about whether cot and bed are different or not and how one would differentiate between the two. Once the students understand how these terms are different from one another, it will help them to use them in the right context. Let us look at the following topics that we will get to know about from this article.

Table Summarising the Difference between Cot and Bed




It generally refers to a temporary place used for bedding or resting or a small piece of furniture barred from all sides for babies.

It refers to a furniture piece that’s used for resting or sleeping.


It is used as a noun

It is used as both noun and verb


My mother brought a cot for her nephew.

My room has a Queen sized bed.

This table shows that ‘cot’ and ‘bed’ though are related to a place to sleep/rest, yet they aren’t the same thing and can’t be used synonymously. Most people get confused between these words, but it’s essential that they understand the context they are using it in. Only then can they use these terms correctly.

The Difference between Cot and Bed – Meaning

‘Cot’ and ‘bed’ are some of the common words, yet if you ask people why cot is different from bed? Or is there any difference between cot and bed? Most people can’t do that. Most people believe that cots and beds are the same as both are used for sleeping/resting. But if you go through the images of cot and bed, you’ll realise that both are different. Cots are designed specifically for infants and small children. Unlike the bed, the cot is guarded on all sides by the wooden bars, thus making sure that children don’t fall off while they are sleeping. On the other hand, beds are designed mainly for adults or grown-up kids, and unlike the cot, it doesn’t have protective bars around it and is considered to be a part of the furniture. For example, “The baby sleeps in the cot at night.” Here, ‘cot’ is used as a sleeping platform for babies. Another example is “The bed belongs to my great grandmother.” Here, the word ‘bed’ is used as a noun. “Raj can bed down here tonight.” Here, the word ‘bed’ is used as a verb.

Example of Cot and Bed

The following example will help students to better understand the terms ‘cot’ and ‘bed’.

Cot – There are various designs of cots available in the market

Bed – I share my bed with my little sister.

Once people understand the meaning of the words ‘cot’ and ‘bed’, they can quickly form examples on their own.

Cot and Bed – Conclusion

To sum up, ‘cot’ and ‘bed’ are not synonymous and can’t be used interchangeably. When one is using these words, one has to understand the context or will end up misusing them. This article talks about the essential points that help one to know how to use these two terms. BYJU’S offers many such’ differences between two words’ that people often get confused with.

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