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Suppose someone asks you what the difference between ‘pub’ and ‘bar’ is? What would you say? How is a ‘pub’ any different from that of a ‘bar’? After going through the article, one will know how one should differentiate between these two places. If you conduct a survey, you’ll see that most people have the idea that ‘pub’ and ‘bar’ are the same. Now some might argue that both these aren’t the same, while some would say they are the same.

Did you ever notice that the English Language has many such words which appear to be quite confusing? These words check whether the people who are using the words have an in-depth knowledge of the words or not. People who know the exact meaning of the words don’t face difficulties while using words that are otherwise confused by people. People who don’t know the importance of words often use them interchangeably and synonymously in sentences. The points below will explain whether or not there is any difference between ‘pub’ and ‘bar’. Let’s go through the following points discussed below:

Table Summarising the Difference between Pub and Bar




The word pub is used to refer to a place where people go to hangout. Both food and beverages/refreshments are served here.

The word bar is used to refer to the place/counter/stand where beverages/refreshments are served in a restaurant/pub.


It is used as a Noun.

It is used as a Noun.


Tony decided to throw his birthday party in a nearby pub.

The security at the bar asked for my identification proof as I was about to enter.

When you go through this tabular chart, you’ll understand that ‘pub’ and ‘bar’ both are quite different from each other. A ‘pub’ might have a ‘bar’ in it, but vice versa isn’t possible. In the following points, the difference between ‘pub’ and ‘bar’ will be explained in detail with examples that will help one to understand better.

The Difference between Pub and Bar – Meaning

So if anybody asks you if you wanna accompany them to a ‘pub’ and ‘bar’, you must know where you are heading. If they use the ‘bar’, then it means a place where you can find only various alcoholic drinks/beverages/refreshments along with appetisers/snacks. Loud music and dance floors are commonly found in ‘bars’. Another thing that differentiates ‘bar’ from that of ‘pub’ is the age of people who can get in. One needs to be above 18 years of age to get into a ‘bar,’ i.e. a minor can’t get into a ‘bar’. Whereas if someone wants to take you to a ‘pub’, it refers to a place which serves food along with drinks. The ambience of the ‘pub’ is much more soothing than that of a ‘bar’, and there’s no age restriction with getting in a ‘pub’. Interestingly a ‘pub’ can have a ‘bar’ but not vice versa.

Examples of Pub and Bar

Let us take a look at the given examples of ‘pub’ and ‘bar’ to understand them clearly.

Pub – Jordan took his family and friends to a new pub in their locality. (noun)

Bar – The bar at Bakers Lane serves the most authentic vintage beers. (noun)

Pub and Bar – Conclusion

To sum up, ‘pub’ and ‘bar’ can’t be used interchangeably or synonymously, but a ‘pub’ might have a ‘bar’ within its premises. Once students get this concept, it becomes easier for them to understand and use it in sentences. Apart from this, BYJU’S offers various articles on many such ‘differences between two words’ that students often get confused with.

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