Dry Fruit Names - Explore the List of 30+ Names in English

In Indian cuisine, most desserts and savouries have dry fruits in them. Who does not like to have something sweet after a meal or just like that for the love of dessert? Also, some of you might be experts in preparing delicious savouries. How many of you think you know the names of all the dry fruits used in them? Well, here is a chance for you to learn the names of various dry fruits in English. Check out the article and enrich your vocabulary.

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Dry Fruits Names

List of 30+ Dry Fruit Names

Almond Apricot Pili Nuts Pine nuts
Brazil nuts Corn nuts Prune Sunflower nuts
Chestnut Cashew nut Sacha Inchi Tiger nuts
Dates Dried coconut Flax seeds Sesame seeds
Fox nuts Figs Walnuts Figs
Hazelnuts Macadamia nuts Raisins Pumpkin seeds
Marcona almonds Pistachios Chia seeds Sunflower seeds
Peanuts Pecans Betel nuts Poppy seeds
Cudpahnut Fennel Dry plums Soy nuts

Explore More about Some Common Dry Fruits

Name of the Dry Fruits About It
Almond Almonds are one of the most common nuts. They are small brown nuts. The outer brown cover can be removed, and the white nut can be consumed. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, magnesium and dietary fibre.
Apricots Though apricots are fruits, they are often dried to be used as a dry fruit. They belong to the Rose family (Rosaceae) and are bright reddish-orange in colour. They are a great source of vitamin C and dietary fibre.
Brazil nuts Brazil nuts grow in South American trees, one of the largest and tallest trees in the Amazon.
Cashew nuts Cashews grow in the cashew tree, which is a tropical evergreen tree with the cashew apple as its accessory fruit. Cashews are a rich source of iron and protein.
Walnuts Walnuts not only look like the brain but also help to make your brain sharp. Walnuts are edible seeds from the walnut tree. Walnuts are rich in magnesium and dietary fibre.
Dates Dates are fruits of palm trees and are considered natural sweeteners. Ripe dates are brown in colour and have one seed.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Names of Dry Fruits


Name some dry fruits starting with the letter ‘A’.

Some dry fruit names starting with the letter ‘A’ are almonds and apricots.


Which dry fruit looks like the brain?

The walnut looks like the brain.