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For many of us, it is a dream to have good communication skills. To be fluent in speaking English, we must have good vocabulary and good grammar skills. We all are aware of the importance of English communication in our daily life. Therefore, from our childhood, we have been taught to learn various words, the spellings, the meanings, and the pronunciation, but we hardly remember the antonyms and synonyms of the words. But, they play a crucial role in the English language. The meaning of the words varies depending on the context, and the antonyms can also vary. Therefore, one word can have many antonyms.

Examples of Fresh in Sentences

  • I need a fresh start now.
  • I want some fresh air.
  • The fruits and vegetables in this shop are very fresh.
  • He is feeling tired, get him some fresh air.

Antonyms for Fresh

In search of antonyms for fresh? We are here to help you with some antonyms for fresh. The term fresh is an adjective which means recently made, raw, not frozen, etc. We all know that each word has different meanings depending on its usage in different contexts. Similarly, each word has different antonyms depending on the context. It is quite essential to learn the antonyms and synonyms to improve your vocabulary. Learning the different antonyms and synonyms will make your English sound sophisticated. The antonyms of ‘fresh’ are stale, rotten, spoiled, etc., and the synonyms of ‘fresh’ are raw, natural, crisp, etc. You can check the table below for the list of opposite words.

Fresh x stale

List of Opposite Words

Stale Rotten Old
Spoilt Dirty Bad
Decaying Musty Foetid
Foul Reeking Mature

Frequently Asked Question on Fresh


What are the antonyms for ‘fresh’?

The meaning of the term fresh can be different depending on the context. The various antonyms for ‘fresh’ are stale, rotten, spoiled, decayed, decomposed, etc. The antonyms can also be used differently depending on the context.


What is the most commonly used antonym for ‘fresh’?

The most common antonym for ‘fresh’ is stale or rotten.


What are the synonyms of ‘fresh’?

The terms which are synonymous to ‘fresh’ are unpreserved, crisp, natural, raw, unprocessed, etc.