Freshers Day Speech

Giving the right speech on freshers day means a lot. Freshers day speech acts as an ice breaker for seniors and juniors. But while composing the speech, what would you include and what wouldn’t. This article will provide one with valuable tips that will help you give a perfect short speech on freshers day. The following key points will be included in the article.

What is a Freshers Day Speech?

If you’re a school student, then freshers day might be a new term for you, but if you are a college student, then you’re quite familiar with this term. Freshers generally refer to the new students who just joined college/university. These students are referred to as ‘freshers’ by the existing students of the institution, i.e. the seniors. A small function is organised by the seniors to welcome their ‘juniors’ or freshers who are going to start a new journey of their life. The freshers day speech is prepared by the ‘seniors’ to extend their best wishes and break the ice.

Why is Freshers Day Speech Important?

One can often wonder why speech on freshers day is so important. Though people often think there’s nothing important about the freshers day speech, they are wrong. Let us have a look at why seniors always go for freshers day speeches.

  • A good speech on freshers day helps to boost the confidence among the new students and acts as an ice breaker between the students. A college is a huge milestone in any student’s life, and getting into one can be a bit intimidating for them. A positive speech from the existing students of the college helps the newcomers to feel comfortable.
  • The freshers day speech acts as a bonding agent between the seniors and the juniors. By giving a warm and welcoming speech at the freshers day, the seniors try to convey to the juniors that they can always seek them when they need any help.
  • Through the freshers day speech, the existing students introduce themselves and the faculty and the other members of institutions to the newcomers. It is through freshers day speech that the newcomers get to know about people with whom they have to associate with.

Who Can Give a Freshers Day Speech?

The freshers day speech is generally given by the existing students of the college or university, i.e. the seniors. Though sometimes the faculty members or the principal welcome the new students through a speech at the freshers day. Freshers day speech acts as an ice breaker among the new and old students and helps them to know each other. The freshers day is not only just about speeches but involves music, fun games and a lot of other activities. For every new college joinee, the fresher day holds great importance as down the line; they cherish all the moments they’ve enjoyed during and after that particular event. Even during the pandemic, online freshers day was organised by multiple colleges/universities. However, students missed

mixing with other students but were still able to enjoy their freshers day by sitting at their homes.

This speech on freshers day will prove to be one of the beneficial speech topics for students who want assistance in composing a speech. Students as well as parents can look for more information on the English Language at BYJU’S website.

Frequently Asked Questions on freshers day

What to say on a freshers day speech?

The freshers day speech is generally addressed to the students who have just joined the college/university. The speech acts as a welcome speech too.

Who gives the speech on freshers day?

Generally, the speech is given by the seniors or the existing students of the institution, but faculty members too can say it.

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