Notice Writing for Class 12 - Learn How to Write with Examples

Human beings are social beings as they, unlike other living things, communicate with each other using a highly developed language. Letters seem to be the oldest means of written communication. Nowadays, passing on information has become easy and has also taken many different forms. Notice writing is one of the many ways to bring important information to the notice of those concerned. For all students, and especially students of class 12, this article will be of great help. Check out the sample reports given to understand clearly how you can present a notice in a very clear and concise manner.

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Examples of Notice Writing

To understand the concept of notice writing better, go through the sample notices given below.

Sample Notice 1

You are the Head Boy/Girl of St. Xaviers High School, Delhi. Write a notice informing the students about a lost purse in the playground and a reward for anyone who finds it.

St. Xaviers High School, Delhi



Lost! Lost! Lost!

A small brown wallet that contained important IDs and a Rs. 200 note was lost in the main playground yesterday (11/03/2022) during the recess. If any of the students finds the wallet, they are requested to hand it back to the Office. The student who returns the wallet will be rewarded by the school authorities and a one day free meal from the canteen would be provided.

Anamika Iyer


Sample Notice 2

You are the manager of the East Coast Mart, Mumbai. You have opened a new branch and you want the local people to visit your store. Put up a notice letting them know about the new store.

East Coast Mart, Mumbai



Sale with Exciting Offers

The East Coast Mart has opened a new branch in Malad region, Mumbai. On the eve of the opening of the store, East Coast Mart is organising a Sale Bonanza. We are also giving out exciting offers on every purchase. We request everyone to be present at the Grand Opening of the East Coast Mart this Sunday at 7:00 P.M. First 15 shoppers will have a chance to win a Gold Coin.

Miss Penny Matthews


Sample Notice 3

You are the Secretary of the Royal Housing Complex. Draft a notice requesting the people of the housing complex to meet at the community hall for a charitable cause.

Royal Housing Complex, Dehradun



Be A Part, Make A Difference

All the residents of the Royal Housing Complex are hereby requested to come to the Community Hall tomorrow at 5:30 P.M. The Housing Members Association has organised a donation event for the Holy Child Orphanage. Residents of the housing complex are requested to attend this event and help the children of the orphanage. Residents who want to donate things for this event can contact the office of the Housing Members Association by today evening.

Mr. Biswajit Mukherjee


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is a notice?

A notice is a written formal announcement intended to communicate a piece of information for a large group of people.


Where are notices displayed?

Notices are usually displayed in places that are easily accessible to a large number of people, i.e., on billboards in schools, colleges, offices, organisations and even print media.