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A father is the second caretaker of a child after your mother. The emotion and the pain of a father can’t be explained in words but can be felt in every stage of life. Both father and mother sacrifice their happiness to give a better life to their children. We cannot be thankful enough to them but the respect, love and care we pay can be counted as the best gift to them.

We will be definitely asked to write a paragraph on fathers during our school life. It is the most common topic to write on. So to get some better ideas about how to write the paragraph on father, refer to the samples provided below.

Paragraph on Father in 100 Words

Fathers are the male parents of a child. They take a lot of responsibilities and endure a lot of physical pain – just like a mother. A father’s love, dedication and contribution are never seen, but they take a lot of pain for their child’s development. He takes care of a child, his parents, his wife, the entire household, and official work. He is known as the head of a family, and he takes all the decisions in a family. He is the person who makes strict rules and handles the whole family. He owns a lot of responsibilities and a lot of good qualities but is never proud of it.

Paragraph on Father in 150 Words

A father is the one who takes the utmost responsibility for the family. He is the head of the family and takes care of the whole family. He has to look after his wife, the child, his parents, and other responsibilities. He is an essential part of the family. He is the financial manager of the family.

He teaches the child to maintain a healthy and wealthy life, and he is considered the best guide and teacher. He teaches the ways of living a life and how to overcome all the struggles. He makes all the strict rules for the family and makes sure everyone is abiding by his rules. Along with imposing strict rules, he also makes sure that harmony is maintained between everyone. Along with household responsibilities, he also takes care of his office or business, where he carries even more responsibilities. Fathers are the real strugglers and our role models.

Paragraph on Father in 200 Words

A father is the head of the family who takes responsibility for the whole family and is considered the pillar of the family. He is the one who shows the perfect path to the child for their development. He is the person to make a set of rules for the whole family, and he makes sure that the family follows the rules. The rules made by him are for the family’s well being and to maintain harmony. He is the one to teach basic manners and ethics. Fathers take care of the whole family, protect the family, and give them strong support. He is the protector of all evils. When a child takes birth, the father takes responsibility for providing proper guidance and teachings which will help them become a great person in life. They play a significant role in the child’s development which can never be replaced or even compared by anyone else. Fathers are known to be the second caretakers of a family and a child after the mother. They not only take responsibility for the children but the whole family. They are also the family’s financial managers who take care of the proper management of the money at home.

Paragraph on Father in 250 Words

Fathers are the second caretakers of a child who take the responsibility of the child and the whole family. Starting from the maintenance of the house to the child’s development in every aspect, a father plays a major role. He is the one to take responsibility for education, shelter, career, etc. He takes care of the family and the outside responsibilities, which include office work and management of the family. They take the responsibility to provide proper education and teach social behaviour to the child. They provide shelter to the whole family, which can never be imagined without their contribution. He is the one to give vegetables, bread and butter to prepare the food. He is the saviour, the protector of the family. He is the family’s strong pillar, which gives strength to overcome all the evils. Fathers teach us the various ways to overcome any hurdle that blocks our path. In case if the mother is busy, then the father is the one who plays the role of the mother and provides the basic needs to the child. It helps in maintaining a perfect balance and understanding. He is the one who takes up all the challenges but never complains about the same. He hides all his pains inside his heart to bring a smile to the face of the family and accepts all problems heartily. When there is some sort of danger to the family, a father is the one who stands strong like a pillar to face everything and nothing can ever touch his family. Just like a mother protects the child, the father protects the whole family.

Frequently Asked Questions on Paragraph on Father

How do I write a paragraph on father?

In order to write a paragraph on your father, you can write about his importance to you. How he takes care of everything and everyone without showing any pain on his face. You can explain his roles in every family.

How can a paragraph on father be helpful?

The efforts of a father are priceless and can never be returned. If you want to show your love and respect to your father, writing a paragraph on father is the best method.

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