Report Writing on Environment Day

A report can be written on any event or happening that took place in the recent past. This article will discuss how to write a report on Environment day.

Environment day is celebrated worldwide on 5th June to create awareness among people about protecting the environment. The first-ever Environment Day was held in 1973. Environment Day acts as a platform that helps create awareness about various issues that have adverse effects on the environment, like global warming, overpopulation, pollution, and crime against wildlife.

The environment plays an integral role in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem we live in. Most people don’t understand the importance of the environment and end up damaging it with their various activities. If we continue to degrade the environment, in the long run, the adverse effects will affect human beings too. So, to protect the environment, one should focus on sustainable development. In this way, the demands of human beings will be met without overexploiting the natural resources of the environment.

Now that you know the importance of preserving the environment and about Environment day, take a look at the following sample reports to learn how to write one on your own.

Report on Environment Day Celebration in School

On the 5th of June 2021, DAV Jalandhar organised Environment Day celebrations. The main aim of the event was to increase awareness among students about the importance of the environment and the need to protect it. Students were asked to prepare projects, make models or decorate the class with Environment Day as the theme. A small cultural event was organised by the students on the occasion of Environment Day. The Principal of the school gave a speech on what role the environment plays and why it is important for people to take initiatives to save the environment. Then, as a special drive for Environment Day, the Principal announced that students would be planting fifty different trees in the school park. A sit and draw competition was organised, and students were asked to draw anything related to the environment. The first three winners were given certificates and prizes. The District Magistrate was invited as the chief guest of this event. He delivered a speech on how important it is for the future generations to take care of the environment and preserve it. The events of the day came to an end with the Principal and the District Magistrate giving away prizes to the winners of the sit and draw competition. The projects and models made by the senior students were kept in the Art Gallery of the school for the rest of the students and teachers of the school to see while they visit it.

Report on Environment Day Celebration in School

Delhi Public School, Bhubaneswar organised Environment Day celebrations on June 5, 2021. The Principal and Vice Principal of the school, along with the other faculty members, participated in the program in full spirit.

The aim behind organising the Environment Day was to create awareness among people about the importance of keeping the environment clean as well as saving it. And for this purpose, the school administration had decided to conduct a “Plant 100 trees” drive. Mr. Akhil Agnihotri, the District Magistrate, was invited as the chief guest for the event. He, along with the Principal of the school, planted five trees in the school premises. The students of classes 11 and 12 were given one tree each to plant in the school garden. The students of classes 11 and 12, along with the respective teachers, planted various trees including Sal, Mahogany and Eucalyptus in the school garden.

Students of the junior classes were asked to make posters, banners and pamphlets on the theme of Environment Day. All the students participated in the program with much enthusiasm. The Principal also announced that the three best posters would be selected and kept in the School Board for the year, and the students would be given prizes and certificates for the same. After the trees were planted, the District Magistrate gave a speech on how our environment helps us in our daily life, and why we should all work together to protect the environment. He also shared alarming facts about the changes that might happen in the future due to degradation of the environment. Finally, after the speech, as promised by the Principal, the three best poster makers were given prizes and certificates by the District Magistrate. The Principal thanked everyone for their presence and concluded the day’s programme.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is report writing?

When formal detailed accounts are written on any given topic based on some specific information, then it is known as report writing.


How to write a report on environment day?

A report on environment day can be written by mentioning when and where the celebrations took place, the cultural events organised on that day, and special guests if any.