Q&As to help you understand BYJU'S Classes better

1. BYJU'S Classes program is available for which classes?

Students across classes 4 to 10 can attend and learn from BYJU'S Classes.

2. How many classes will be there in a week?

There will be 3-4 classes per week.

3. How can my child clear his/her doubts instantly during the online class?

While attending an online class, you can ask his/her questions in real-time via a live chatbox. Our specially assigned teachers will instantly assist and solve your child's doubts.

4. What is a free demo class and how do I register for a demo class?

Your child can attend a free demo class by our top teachers to experience BYJU'S Classes first-hand. This is a great way to understand the BYJU'S way of teaching and know how instant doubt solving works. Our counselor will help book a demo class for you at your convenience.

5. Are the demo classes free?

Yes, the demo classes are free. More details about the demo classes will be provided by our counselor.

6. Can we choose the timing of the classes?

You can choose between a weekend or a weekday batch as per your child's school curriculum and the classes will be scheduled accordingly.

7. Will the teachers also help with school homework?

Any doubts by the student will be taken care of by the teachers during the session.
After every session, tests and worksheets will be given as homework for students. The homework will be evaluated by the teachers and results will be shared on the portal

8. What is the cost of subscribing to BYJU'S Classes?

There are multiple courses and each course will be personalised to the learning needs of the students. Our counsellor will be able to help you choose the right course and the pricing will vary depending on the personalised package.

9. Is BYJU'S Classes mapped to the school syllabus/curriculum?

Yes, We have multiple batches available for students to select from to suit their study plan as per the school syllabus.

10. Should I enroll my child for BYJU'S Classes, if he/she is already attending tuitions after school?

BYJU'S Classes is a comprehensive online home tuition program that combines classes from India's best teachers, instant doubt resolution, and individual attention and guidance from BYJU'S Mentors. It complements the existing tuition classes. BYJU'S online classes are mapped to the school syllabus. Your child can choose and attend extra classes as recommended by the mentors to strengthen his/her weak topics and also to prepare for competitive exams like NTSE and Olympiads. Additionally, your child can also access engaging video lessons on the BYJU'S app to revise and practice anytime anywhere. Overall, BYJU'S Classes will help your child learn, understand, and master concepts easily.

11. Do you give lesson notes and homework?

Yes, homework will be provided after every class. Your child can submit their BYJU'S Classes homework on our platform to get the teacher's feedback. Additionally, your child can also access engaging video lessons and practice tests on the BYJU'S app to revise and practice anytime anywhere.

12. How is BYJU'S Classes different from BYJU'S - The Learning App?

BYJU'S classes is a comprehensive online tutoring program. It brings together online classes by India's top teachers along with immediate doubt resolution option. Your child can revise through extra classes with BYJU'S assigned teachers and access the resources on the BYJU'S app too. Additionally, BYJU'S Classes offers monthly objective and subjective tests along with comprehensive monthly progress reports.

13. What is different about BYJU'S Classes? How is it better than tuition?

BYJU'S Classes bring you the top teachers in the country, individual attention from dedicated mentors and assigned teacher, and unlimited access to our interactive learning app. All this combined with the convenience of learning from the comfort and safety of your home makes BYJU'S Classes the best online home tuition program for your child. All these features are not available in regular tuition classes.

14. Can my children choose the teacher who they want to learn from?

BYJU'S Classes will help your child learn all concepts from the best teachers in the country. They will also be assigned a teacher during each online class, who will help them understand concepts and clear doubts immediately. In addition, we will also be assigning a dedicated BYJU'S mentor to every student who will guide them throughout their learning journey.

15. What is the difference between BYJU'S Teacher and BYJU'S Mentor?

BYJU'S teacher is an education expert who will be assigned to every child during an online class. They will help in live doubt solving and clarify any question he/she might have about the ongoing lesson. A dedicated BYJU'S mentor will be also assigned to look after their learning requirements and they will get in touch with you and the child regularly. They will also be sharing comprehensive monthly progress reports and recommend the next steps through the regular monthly ‘PTA' meetings.

16. Where can I track my child's progress?

Mentors will be in touch with you regularly to discuss your child's progress. Monthly PTA meetings will also be conducted and a comprehensive progress report will be shared with you, to help you be a part of their learning journey.