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Force Formula

When one encounters the word Force they get an idea of getting energized. We continuously come across the term push and pull associated to it. So what precisely is this Force?

In brief Force can be described as the exterior agency which makes the body change its state, size, position under strain. It is represented by F.

Commonly, the formula for force is articulated by

m = mass
a = acceleration.
It is articulated in Newton (N) or Kgm/s2.

Acceleration a is given by

Where v = Velocity and
t = time taken

So Force can be ariculated as

Inertia formula is termed as p = mv which can also be articulated as Momentum

Therefore, Force can be articulated as the rate of change of momentum.

Force formulas are beneficial in finding out the force, mass, acceleration, momentum, velocity in any given problem.

Force Problems

Questions based on force which may be helpful are provided underneath:

Solved Samples

Problem 1: Aimmee has a toy car of mass 2kg. How much force should she apply on the car so that it should travel with the acceleration of 8m/s2?

m (Mass of toy car) = 2 Kg,
a (Acceleration) = 8m/s2,
F is Force to be applied by aimmee = m × a
= 2 Kg × 8 m/s= 16 Kgm/s2  = 16 N.

Problem 2: A hammer having a mass of 1 kg going with a speed of 6 m/s hits a wall and comes to rest in 0.1 sec. Compute the obstacle force that makes the hammer stop?


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