3 I’s to Solve CAT Data Interpretation Questions Easily

Data interpretation, along with logical reasoning, comprise one of the three sections in the CAT exam. Data interpretation has been included in the exam to test the interpretation capabilities of the candidates. This section is extremely crucial for the exam and almost 16 questions are asked in the exam every year. DI questions are included to test how well a candidate analyzes a given set of data and come to an inference.


Generally, CAT data interpretation questions are easily solvable and scoring. It is always suggested to attempt these questions properly to increase the sectional score in the LRDI section. The concepts required to solve these questions require basic mathematical formulas and knowledge to solve. Candidates need to understand the 3 I’s to be able to solve the data interpretation questions easily. The 3 I’s are mentioned below.


  • Information

Gathering information from the tables/ graphs is of foremost importance to solve DI questions. Read the information given thoroughly and also go through the answer options. Collect all the details, including units, statements and values from the data-sets before starting with the solution.


  • Interpretation

After gathering information, the solution completely depends upon the interpretation of the candidate. Analyze what needs to be done and then start solving the questions. At this time, it is also important to estimate and approximate certain quantities and values to calculate faster and manage time better.


  • Interrelation

In DI sets, often more than one caselets, tables or graphs are given and the candidates are required to gather data from each of those sets to solve the given question. So, check the links between the two sets and analyze their interrelations. Sometimes, some irrelevant information is given just to confuse the candidates. In such cases, identifying the necessary and unnecessary data from the sets is also crucial.


With these 3 I’s, solving CAT Data interpretation questions can be easy and effective. It is also suggested to have enough practice beforehand and develop calculation efficiency to be able to solve these questions accurately and quickly. Solve different variations of questions and take several mocks to build confidence to tackle any type of related question in the exam.


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