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5 Elemental ways to Improve Your CAT Vocabulary

The CAT vocabulary section mainly requires you to identify the incorrect usage of common vocabulary words. Although there can be several formats in which the vocabulary questions can be framed, the basic idea remains the same.

Have a look at the following question to get an idea of vocabulary for CAT exam:

DIRECTIONS: In the following question, a keyword, printed in bold, capital letters have been used in five different ways. Identify the option containing a wrong usage of the keyword and choose your answer accordingly. Keyword– SIT

  1. The officer has been sitting over his application for a power connection for several months now.
  2. Sitting through a 3-hour boring drama is not an easy task from any angle.
  3. Since Rona’s mother had not returned yet, she was sitting on the door.
  4. The sitting Member of Parliament is most likely to be given the party ticket for this Lok Sabha constituency.
  5. This psychiatrist normally provides four sittings for the purpose of counseling the patient.

The statement is 3.Explanation:She was sitting at the door. We sit on a chair, sofa or floor.

These questions do not require a large stock of words. All that they require is to be aware of the various possible usages of vocabulary words. To master the kind of skill that shall enable you to crack the CAT Verbal Ability section, one needs to invest in constant and exclusive efforts. The effort and practice should not only be restricted to the conventional methods of blank reading and long sessions with the dictionary. Various ingenious methods can be incorporated into one’s daily lifestyle to attain a steep vocabulary building curve.

1. Good Reading Habit

The more you read the more you learn, don’t limit your reading to novels and literary works, but also the daily newspaper, weekly magazines, and digests. It will help you to improve your general knowledge as well as it will increase your word stock. Assign at least one hour of your day for reading.

2. Diversify your mode of learning

If you tend to read the same kind of material every day and expect yourself to grow in your vocabulary skills, you are in the dark. By doing so, you are not exposing yourself to an extensive vocabulary set which may lead you to a detrimental realization when you sit down for a mock CAT attempt.

3. Root Words

Various memory techniques like association, imagery can greatly aid your learning for better grasp and quicker recall. If we specifically look at the CAT vocabulary, using various tricks and techniques make improving your CAT vocabulary easy. A simple example of the famous root word technique is exhibited below:

Root WordsRoot: ‘CAL’Meaning: beautyExamples: Calligraphy, Calomel. Kaleidoscope

The basic concept here is, by remembering just one root word (here: ’cal’) you can expand your CAT vocabulary. 

4. Make Dictionary and Thesaurus your friend

Always keep a dictionary with yourself, use it to find the meaning of a word you have come across for the first time. In addition, you may also refer to thesaurus while writing anything, it will not only help to improve your writing, but it will also enrich your vocabulary.

5. Maintain a Record

Keep a record of all the new words that you came across. Take effort to draft sentences using them so as to bring out their multiple meanings and usage styles. This will help you understand the intricacies of sentence building and it will be an advantage in verbal and reading comprehension.

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