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Networking: The Underestimated Advantage Of Pursuing MBA

Being told ‘no’ has become a great source of inspiration. – David Copperfield

There are some wonderful aspects to devoting 2 years of your life to Business School for your MBA. Most people are of the opinion that MBA is all about selling yourself for fatter paycheck. While that might usually be the case, it’s unlikely to be the only thing you take out of B-school in 10 or 20 years from now.

Accredited MBA courses and business schools seek to prepare students for senior management roles in business by exposing them to numerous areas of business (accounting, finance, marketing and human resources, to name a few). Unlike other Masters programs, which provide further specialization in a specific field, MBA is interdisciplinary and draws from the fields like psychology, sociology, economics, accounting and finance.

An average person equates success and sometimes, even happiness, to their pay package. But the real question is: How will MBA benefit your career AND your life? Pursuing MBA can open up new avenues and help you develop essential skills in the workplace, one of the most important being networking.

To be a successful management graduate, let us look at 3 key ingredients:

  1. Build and maintain a good rapport with professors, inside and outside the classrooms.

It will help you transform your relationship from strictly academic to an advisory one. This can further help you in your career – far beyond your time as a student at B-school.

  1. Make friends and acquaintances.

Forming meaningful friendships and reaching out to your seniors are effective ways to increase your network and help each other.

  1. Move out of your comfort zone.

Interesting things happen when we move out of our comfort zone. Try your hand at the diverse flavours during your time at B-school, for you never know where that knowledge might come in handy.

Ranging from learning to work together as a team, think about the global economy, interact with professors who challenge you at every step, listen to experiences of accomplished executives to dealing with all types of people, MBA offers you endless and manifold opportunities to build your personality and network.

Networking and career development are two important parts of the MBA experience. Networking aids you in building a wider business network, access to which will enable you to expand your current career and have a better chance of landing your dream job.

Networking is most effective when based on symbiotic relationships. For example, handling conflicts while managing a team can be done better by seeking advice from others in the business community.

With the right attitude, an MBA may serve to provide the enhancements in life and work that you are searching for. Never let yourself be too comfortable because YOU are your ONLY limit!