Alphanumeric Series For CAT Logical Reasoning

The questions in the CAT logical reasoning section are easily solvable but time-taking. Alphanumeric questions are one of the different variations of questions asked in this section. Alphanumeric series in reasoning is important for almost all exams and are easily solvable. A detailed explanation of this topics is given below along with solved examples.


What is an Alphanumeric Series?

An alphanumeric series is a sequence of alphabetic and numeric characters. The combinations might include symbols and characters also. It should also be noted that both upper and lower case letters are included in an alphanumeric series. In alphanumeric series questions, position-based questions are the most common one.

Example Questions on Alphanumeric Series


5 Q + T s 10 C # B 4 ? 8 d > A % 7 e & R @ 2


Question 1:

If the series is reversed, what would be the fifth element to the left of the fifteenth element?


The reverse order of the above sequence is:

2 @ R & e 7 % A > d 8 ? 4 B # C 10 s T + Q 5

Now, the fifteenth element in this sequence is “#” and the fifth element to its left will be “d”.


Question 2:

Which element would be the sixth element if the sequence is written in the reverse order?


The sequence in reverse order is:

2 @ R & e 7 % A > d 8 ? 4 B # C 10 s T + Q 5

Now, the sixth element is “7”.


Question 3:

How many elements are there which are preceded by a vowel and succeeded by any alphabet?


In the given series, there is only one vowel i.e. “e”. So, “&” is only one element which is preceded by a vowel and succeeded by another alphabet i.e. “R”.


Question 4:

Which element would be the third from the right if the first half of the series is reversed?


Reversing the first half of the series, the sequence obtained is:

? 4 B # C 10 s T + Q 5 8 d > A % 7 e & R @ 2

From this sequence, it can be seen that the third element from the right is “R”.


Important Tips to Solve Alphanumeric Questions

  • Read the Question Statements Properly

It is always suggested to read the questions properly before answering. Certain words like “preceding”, “succeeding”, etc. These words are extremely crucial and can lead to an incorrect answer if misunderstood.


  • Practice

These type of questions are easily solvable but takes a lot of time to solve. It is suggested to have a proper practice to improve speed and accuracy in solving these questions. So, practice different variations and solve previous year and sample questions on alphanumeric reasoning questions.


  • Implement Shortcuts

While practicing, it is important to learn some shortcuts that can help to solve these questions easily. By properly practicing, individuals can devise their own strategies and develop personal shortcut techniques. By having a personalized approach to the questions, one can easily answer any question quickly and accurately.


These were some tips that can help individuals attempt the related questions easily. Questions related to alphanumeric series are repeated almost every year in the CAT exam and thus, candidates need to attempt these questions effectively to increase their CAT score.


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