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CAT 2017: Here’s the Schedule To Stay Calm And Study On

CAT 2017

CAT is the Common Admission Test for aspiring candidates who desire to make a career in management and business administration i.e. MBA. This examination is conducted by the Indian Institute of Management (IIMs). CAT score is considered for admission by more than 50 top B-schools across India apart from IIMs (which are best in this category).


Every year on an average 1,50,000 candidates appear for CAT examination but only 4000 are able to get into top MBA institutes (IIM’s).To get into that 0.02%, candidates should have a concrete way to go about it.


CAT 2017, scheduled on November 26th, has left CAT aspirants with more than enough time to prepare a proper strategy and to orient them to have stress-free CAT 2017 preparation. A closer look reveals that conforming to the trend of previous pattern changes in CAT, there will be a mere alteration in structure. The basics stay the same, CAT 2017 aspirants still need to get concepts in place, practice and revise regularly.

Suggested Study – Frame for CAT 2017 Preparation


Overall there are 61 important topics (Quantitative Ability-23, DI&LR-16 and Verbal Ability-22) for CAT 2017. It is very important to have a proper study plan for covering all the 61 topics completely and without stress.Hence the suggested study-frame is divided quarterly.



19 topics (Quantitative Ability-7, DI&LR-5, and Verbal Ability-7) can be distributed in the 1st Quarter. Just start from the easy though highest occurring topics and move to the lowest occurring topic. The beauty of this method is that candidates will develop confidence as they will start their CAT 2017 preparation from the easy topics and they will cover the important topics early.






Quantitative Ability Progressions I, Arithmetic (I, II), SDTW(I, II), Numbers(I, II)
DI&LR Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning Introduction and 1,2,3,4,5
Verbal Ability Introduction to Verbal Ability, Reading Comprehension Diagnostics, Reading Principles, Main theme (I,II), Reading Comprehension Rules (I,II)
Check Points Chapter-wise tests, Revision of topics

Note: SDTW (Speed, Distance, Time and Work)


The first quarter is of 90 hours (if candidates study daily for 1 hour). So on average candidates can invest 4 hours on each topic, which is more than sufficient to efficiently learn the topic. Once aspirants have number of hours, planning becomes simpler.


  • 2nd QUARTER (MARCH 2017-MAY 2017)-22 TOPICS

22 topics (Quantitative Ability-8, DI&LR-7, and Verbal Ability-7) can be distributed in the 2ndQuarter. As candidates have made their pace in the 1st quarter, they should pick up the topics which are tough in terms of difficulty and are frequently asked topics in CAT.




MARCH 2017-MAY  2017

Quantitative Ability Numbers(III,IV,V), Geometry(I,II,III), Permutations and Combinations(I,II)
DI&LR Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning 6,7,8,9,10,11, 12
Verbal Ability Reading Comprehension practice(I,II,III), Grammar(I,II), Grammar system error, FIJ(Fact, inference and Judgment)
Check Points Chapter-wise tests, Revision of topics


Even the 2nd quarter comprises of 92 hours and hence on average 4 hours can be invested on each topic. This quarter is structured with difficult topics so that CAT aspirants can complete the major portion of CAT by 2nd quarter.

  • 3rd QUARTER (JUNE 2017-AUGUST 2017)-20 TOPICS

20 topics (Quantitative Ability-8, DI&LR-4, and Verbal Ability-8) can be distributed in the 3rd Quarter.




JUNE 2017-AUGUST 2017

Quantitative Ability Geometry(IV,V), Equation and Inequations, Functions, Sets and Venn Diagram, Probability, Algebra
DI&LR Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning 13,14,15,16
Verbal Ability Critical Reasoning (I,II,III), Last Line, Summary, Parajumbles(I,II), Syllogism
Check Points Chapter-wise tests, Revision of topics


This quarter comprises of moderate in terms of difficulty and lowest occurring questions. These topics are kept in this quarter so that candidates can efficiently complete their CAT 2017 preparation. Candidates will be calm and collected if they have less and easy topics to cover towards the end of their CAT preparation.


This quarter is the most important timefor any CAT aspirant. They are only 70 days away from the BIG EXAM and they should really boost up their CAT 2017 preparation.





Quantitative Ability Complete revision of topics, CAT Pattern Workshop, Mock Tests
DI&LR Complete revision of topics, CAT Pattern Workshop, Mock Tests
Verbal Ability Complete revision of topics, CAT Pattern Workshop, Mock Tests
Check Points 200 unit tests, Mock Tests


In this quarter candidates should focus on three important things:

  • Complete revision of 61 topics (from basics to advance topics)
  • Unit tests: For section-wise practise tests to know where the candidate stands in terms of his/her preparation
  • Mock tests: It is very important to give mock tests in order to get the gist of actual CAT 2017. As the questions of mock tests are usually previous years CAT questions or highest occurring questions.It helps candidate to monitor his/her progress, to determine weak/strong areas and to proceed with the CAT 2017 preparation accordingly.

The most important thing that CAT 2017 aspirants must remember is that all three sections hold equal value and one must prove competency in each to succeed in the CAT 2017. The key to tackle CAT 2017 is to:

  1. Make a daily planner
  2. Scheduling daily activities
  3. Managing time
  4. Preparing a chart for each hour activity.

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