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Tricks to Identify Incorrect Answer Choices in CAT Reading Comprehension Questions

Reading comprehension is probably the most time-taking section in the entire CAT paper. The questions related to RCs are confusing and the candidates are expected to go through the passage thoroughly before attempting them.


Unlike the quantitative and data interpretation questions, the answer options in the CAT reading comprehension section are extremely confusing and sometimes, it might feel that all the options are correct. So, it becomes very difficult for a candidate to decide which option would be the best for that respective question.


Hence, to solve the RC questions quickly and avoid wastage of time, one needs to identify the incorrect answer choices effectively and then conclude to arrive at the right option. Below given are some of the crucial tips that can help one to identify the incorrect answer options easily.


  • Extreme Answer Choices

Often some answer choices include extreme words like “never”, “all”, “always”, etc. These words make the choice unlikely to be correct. So, it is suggested to avoid the extreme choices unless the choice is completely backed by the passage.


  • Equivocal Options

There are certain options that seem to be ambiguous or might provide mixed information comprising of both correct and incorrect facts. These options might seem correct at a first glance and thus, one must carefully read the entire option sentence before coming to a conclusion.


  • Choices with Unreal Scope

Sometimes, certain options might seem to be perfect but do not relate to the passage. Look out for those answer choices and ignore them. Also, avoid options that extend an argument to an unreasonable extent.


  • Irrelevant Options

They are the most easily identifiable answer options. These options do not relate to the passage by any means and should be directly ignored. Sometimes, even contradictory choices are also given. Look for those options carefully before answering.


  • Opinionated Choices

Generally, the answer choices are supposed to be fact-based and relevant to the passage. But, some answer choices are often given which directly mention a particular opinion. These options are best ignored, unless, the question demands such inferential deduction.


For more strategies and tips, visit tips to improve reading comprehension for CAT. Though RC questions are time-taking and confusing, they are easily solvable and scoring. It is suggested to have a good reading habit beforehand to be able to skim through the given passages quickly and effectively.

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