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Verbal Ability Preparation Tablet

Verbal Ability BYJU’S Prep Tablet

It’s difficult to find a good book that prepares you well for the CAT Verbal Ability section. This is where the BYJU’S tab outperforms traditional ways, which have rote learning as their backbone.

BYJU’S tab provides 40+ hours of full-length High Definition lectures exclusively for verbal ability enhancement.

Along with the lecture a set of hard-copy comprehensive study materials are provided.

The verbal section in CAT comprises mainly of two sets of questions which are also included in the BYJU’S tab:

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Para jumbles, odd-one-out and Summary

Now, to tackle the aforementioned topics Mr. P N Santosh provides different sets of efficient algorithms. For Reading Comprehension (which covers 70% of the verbal section) a mathematical approach is used.

 80:20 RULE– BYJU’S tab helps you solve any CAT Reading Comprehension without actually going through the entire passage.

He has developed a mathematical approach to solve any RCs by reading 20% of the comprehension. This would ensure that you select the right answer from the plethora of choices that deceive you

For the second set of questions (Para jumbles, odd-one-out and summary) a different approach (shortcut techniques) is used. This in turn is made possible with unique algorithms and shortcuts provided by our Verbal expert- Mr. P N Santosh.

Furthermore, we also provide you with the Membean software for your vocabulary boosting.

MEMBEAN SOFTWARE– The Membean software is an interactive user interface that will gradually improve your vocabulary with recursive practice completely designed and adaptive to your calibre. You will learn at least 10 new words on a daily basis. Membean provides more than seven different ways of learning a word. With engaging content such as audio, video, and word pictures, Membean’s game-like format succeeds in overcoming short attention spans.

In order to make your CAT preparation convenient, we have put together everything one would require mastering the verbal ability to crack the CAT examination within the BYJU’S tab.