Collaborative Learning for CAT Preparation

Collaborative learning for CAT preparation

In collaborative learning, two or more people learn together. Collaborative learning, or simply, group study is an excellent method to prepare for any entrance exams like CAT in a more effective way. Some of the main benefits of collaborative learning for CAT are given here.


  • Benefit 1: Better Learning

Since the individuals are teaching one another, they shoulder the responsibility of making their peers understand each and every concept; they are responsible for their own as well as other’s learning. The collaborative learning techniques entail the whole learning process and branches out the new methods of learning the concepts.

The proponents of learning can be anything from discussing to exchanging to negotiating the ideas within the group that in turn surges the interest in learning.


  • Benefit 2: Improves Team Building Skills 

Collaborative communities tend to work the best when the members curate and recombine ideas and share information freely. More importantly, efficient team building skills are developed when the members are responsible for self-learning as well as other members’ learning. This simply implies that the learners help each other and share a common goal. This exactly defines the vision and purpose of working in a company.


  • Benefit 3: Develops Critical Thinking

While carrying out group activities, individuals develop critical thinking along with improving their debating skills. Critical thinking is one of the most desired skills that companies look for in a candidate while hiring. Developing Critical thinking skills helps students perform better in group discussions as well as in personal interviews where tricky questions are often asked.

With all these benefits, it is important to opt for collaborative learning for CAT preparation. The question is- How to start building the groups?


Stage 1:

It’s actually easy; if you want to build a group, start with talking to your peers who are preparing for CAT as well. Nowadays, it has become easier to post on your social media and create a group and post to seek interested candidates.


Stage 2:

After you have got the interested candidates’ list, do research on what the candidates already know and what do they want to improve. There can be someone who is a master in quantitative but falters in verbal or vice versa. Make a table and see how the group can help each other. This way you are creating a synergy in the group – a skill that every manager should have.


Stage 3:

Now it is important to find a venue where you can have your daily meetings and start-off – with your preparation while keeping the best times suitable for the group in mind. Make sure to meet and discuss at the time and make it regular so you won’t be deprived of the benefits of collaborative learning.

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