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Find Your Passion by Pursuing MBA

When someone asked your 7-year-old self what you aspired to be, the answers would range from being a cricketer, pilot, astronaut, video gamer to being a King! But if only choosing a career was that easy. After endless hours of studying and writing rigorous exams in school, followed by college, we realize along the way how our passion dies a slow, painful death while competing in the rat race of securing 9 to 5 jobs.

Plonked in front of the computer probably for the rest of our lives, the dream to lead a self-made life is forcibly tucked away to the back of our minds. There are constant troubling thoughts; whether to let go of the job with the lucrative salary or to follow the rocky road to pursue your passion. If you do in fact, muster the courage to quit one day, a follow-up plan is expected to be in place.

The solution is to take things one step at a time. To convert your passion into a reality, an effective business model must be in place to realize all the capital, infrastructural, technological and growth woes. Effective management should be in place to take care of all aspects of a successful business venture. Management involves creating a goal for the organization and synchronizing the efforts of its different teams to accomplish its goal through the application of available resources, such as financial, natural, technological, and human resources. Good knowledge in management ensures a better understanding of all these aspects. One such way is Master of Business Administration (MBA).

MBA provides a post-graduate degree in management. It teaches valued managerial skills that complement technical skills acquired from undergraduate courses. It exposes candidates to all areas of business such as accounting, marketing, finance and human resources (to name a few) that can help catapult one’s entrepreneurial, managerial or administrative skills. During the course of two years, each subject brings out a different part of your personality by enhancing your thinking and analytical abilities. It is no longer about top scores and knowing the entire syllabus by heart. It teaches you just one thing: How to stand on your feet.

It helps in keeping a track of the world by exposing one to the global market and economy. From inspirational talks by well-known personalities to enhancing your networking skills, it lays down a series of opportunities that you could make use of. Researching and publishing articles in various journals and magazines help you connect with other professionals and researchers excelling in the field of your choice.

MBA doesn’t claim to make you an expert in management, but it helps you find your passion and look at your potential with a new managerial perspective. Whether it is farming, owning a Michelin star restaurant, starting an NGO initiative or a consultancy firm, MBA is a powerful weapon to have in your artillery and provides you with the necessary confidence to do the work of all the superior people you currently admire and aspire to be.