CAT Mock Test for CAT Preparation

It’s well understood in psychology that one is more likely to retain something if they learn it spaced in periodic intervals of time. Since practice tests stimulate revision and studying, they encourage earlier learning and so space out learning, which is likely to improve retention. Mock CATs are taken as practice tests before the official CAT examination. It imitates the actual CAT exam experience to make students more exam ready. The accuracy and fairness of exams can be impacted by some candidate’s fear or anxiety around the exam process. Mock tests can reduce test anxiety.


The standard CAT mock test providers base the exam questions on previous IIM entrance exam question papers & the projected scores generated are based off of previous result statistics.


Each and every CAT mock exam plays a significant role in deciding the next stage of your plan in preparation depending on the performance. Take for example, these particular situations:

  • If a question is left unanswered, next stage would be reviewing the relevant concept and learning how to apply it.
  • If the answer is incorrect, despite using the right technique next stage would be analysing the solution description & fixing the error.


But are mock CATs truly of assistance to you? Let us look the major advantages of why you should take them frequently:

Advantages of CAT Mock Test:

  • Monitors your test performance
  • Improves speed & accuracy
  • Devises a suitable strategy to attempt the exam
  • Adapts to a new CAT pattern quickly and effectively
  • Overcomes anxiety by exercising self-control multiple times before the actual CAT.
  • Analyzes your strong and weak chapters in order to better your performance.
  • Generates data for self-analysis & in comparison to others


Given the numerous advantages this practice holds, it is of utmost importance to take as many mock tests for CAT as possible. There are many free mock CATs available both on our App and on our student portal for you! Let’s see how should you approach a mock CAT test?