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It’s already September! How prepared are you for CAT 2016

CAT is almost knocking the door! Well, not literally. How prepared are you to let the CAT in? Is it enough? Let’s check.

It’s September and by now, you must have covered the basics and formulas. By now you should be able to recognize from which topic you are getting the question and the type of question you are going to face!

By now you must be aware that CAT 2016 is going to have four broad sections :

  •  Quantitative Aptitude – to check how good you are with numbers
  •  Logical Reasoning – To check reasoning skills
  • Verbal Aptitude – to check how good you are in English
  • Data Interpretation – You guessed it right – bar and graphs and trend analysis.

This year we might see an increase in questions for Reading Comprehension section.

Though the new pattern are not disclosed, the aspirants are requested to prepare for all the topic and not leave any pattern untouched. CAT is full of surprises and we should be armed with the right preparation methodology and make the test count this time.

The skills are very important to become a successful manager of any business. Not only this, you will check upon your agility or/and group discussions skills and your body language as well. Seems like a lot of work, isn’t it? If not, then, congratulations, you are confident of your skills.

We have mentioned in our previous articles to go for CAT with three stage approach.
– Basics
– Formula and time management
– Mock Tests

Basics should be covered by now and If you have enrolled yourself in a coaching institute, then it must be very hectic for you since you would be actually wasting your time in the classes and not actually working when you are productive. Did you know that each one of us have their own productive time – You can use BYJU’S Tablet based preparation to your aid and use it at your most productive hour of the day. Coaching will undoubtedly give you a guidance and the rest depends on you and how sincerely you practice out of the class on your home. The syllabus of CAT is something that we already know since we were in tenth grade, so why is so difficult to crack? It all depend on the revision cycle.


Time is precious: CAT being held on the month of December is a factor enough to give you an additional month for preparation. If we look closely, the dates for the previous CAT exam were:


2010 : October 27th to November 24th
2011: October 22 to November 18th
2012: October 11th to November 6th
2013: October 16th to  November 11th
2014: November 16th and November 22nd
2015: November 29th


The dates have been squeezed to one day and that too on a single day. This also plays a major role as the aspirants are going to get an extra month to prepare for the exam. Coming back to the discussion – CAT preparation. Mock tests and sectional tests should also be given importance as of now. Mock tests will help you relate to the topics that you have been preparing till now. Sectional tests with timer is the best way to start with and introducing yourself to the time limit for each question.

Shortcuts and tricks and technique : As for now, the basics are done, you can go for shortcut techniques and tricks to help you solve the questions in a very less time. Use BYJU’S free CAT preparation materials for CAT exam that will help you get the best tricks that can be used to solve any question within 60 seconds or less.

Don’t forget to analyse your sectional and mock tests and make changes in your preparation accordingly. As for the next step, make mock tests your best friend. Take two mocks a week and ascend to one mock a day in a month.

How prepared are you for CAT exam? Discuss in our CAT forum with fellow CAT aspirants. If you have any kind of query regarding the CAT exam then feel free to contact our CAT career counselors – they will be more than happy to help.