How to Solve Your Vocabulary Woes

Do you periodically come across words whose meanings are completely foreign to you? Does the idea of complex words in complicated statements keep you awake at night? Do you find yourself at a loss of words at the worst timing possible? Are you looking to improve your vocabulary?

Whether you are looking to build, strengthen or broaden your vocabulary, especially when preparing for CAT’s Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension section, here are some guaranteed ways to do so:


Novels, magazines, newspapers, informative blogs, literary works — the more you are exposed to, the better you will be able to understand the usage of words in different contexts. By attempting to derive the meaning of a word from the context as well as looking up its definition in a dictionary, your communication (spoken and written) advances to a higher (and smarter) level.


This piece of advice traces back to our elementary school teachers, and it is pure gold. After you have identified an unfamiliar word while reading, jot it down and look up all plausible meanings of the word. Not only does this help you remember it, but introduces you to a bunch of new words which, with regular use, will help you in the long run.


With the ammunition you have collected in your artillery of words, the next logical step is to introduce it in your language, whether it be written or spoken. Try to use the words while talking to your colleagues, peers and family. The more your brain familiarizes itself with the word and its handling, the better you get!


Hang post-it notes with the definition of a particular word you hope to memorize on places where you can see them first thing in the morning, say your fridge or the wall opposite your bed. It’s an effective memorization technique that will help you remember various words by reaffirming them daily.


We do things best when we enjoy doing them. There are plenty of word puzzles available online and numerous word games which you can download on your phones/laptops. Have fun with learning, instead of thinking of it as a burden to relieve or a hurdle to cross. It will help you learn better and get rid of your fear of the language.

We at BYJU’S, believe in making people fall in love with learning. Good luck!