Improve Reading Comprehension

Improve Reading Comprehension

As Comprehension Reading is an integral part of the CAT exams, the candidates should have a proper preparation and practice to solve the related questions. Here are some important tips to help the aspirants improve their Reading Comprehension section.


How To Improve Reading Comprehension:

  • Develop a broad background

Broaden your background knowledge by reading newspapers, magazines and books. Become interested in world events and literature to broaden the background.

  • Know the structure of paragraphs

Paragraphs are constructed with a beginning (introduction), body and conclusion. Often, the first sentence will give an overview that helps provide a framework for adding details. Also, look for transitional words, phrases or paragraphs that change the topic.

  • Identify the type of reasoning

Check whether the author uses cause and effect reasoning, hypothesis, model building, induction or deduction, systems thinking.

  • Anticipate and predict

Try to anticipate the author and predict future ideas and questions. If you’re right, this reinforces your understanding. If you’re wrong, you make adjustments quickly.

  • Always search for the main idea, instead of focusing on minor details

It is always suggested to avoid getting struck with trivial details and focus on the main theme. While answering the questions, follow the strategies given below.

Reading Comprehension Strategies:

  • Identify Keywords

While answering specific questions, identify the KEYWORDS in the questions. Then, go back to the passage and find those keywords.

  • Justify every word in the answer choice

In the correct answer choice, every word must be completely true and within the scope of the passage. If you cannot justify every word in the answer choice, eliminate it.

  • Avoid extreme words if possible

Look out for words such as “all” and “never”. They tend to broaden the scope of an answer choice too much or make it too extreme. When you choose an “extreme answer choice”, the passage should back it completely.

  • Look for the method of organization

Check if the material organized chronologically, serially, logically, functionally, spatially or hierarchical.

  • Create motivation and interest

Preview materials, ask questions and discuss ideas with friends. The stronger your interest, the greater is your comprehension analyzing. Read briskly, but only at a speed that will result in proper comprehension

  • Build a good vocabulary

The best way to improve your vocabulary is to use a dictionary regularly. You might carry around a pocket dictionary and use it to look up new words. Or, you can keep a list of words to look up at the end of the day. Concentrate on roots, prefixes and endings.


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