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Points to Note Before Starting CAT 2023 Preparation

It is a common myth that CAT is the most troublesome selection test in the country; on the contrary, CAT is the most competitive examination. The CAT is taken by almost a quarter of a million aspirants, and hence, it is considered to be one of the most competitive MBA entrance exams.

Points to Note Before Starting CAT Preparation

The CAT exam requires the candidates to be well-prepared and confident to be able to ace it. For that, candidates need to prepare efficiently and get properly acquainted with the exam pattern. Here are some of the most important points that the candidates need to understand before starting their CAT preparation.

Know Your Exam

As you might have noticed, the entire syllabus of the CAT exam covered the basic syllabus of Classes 8, 9 and 10. As most of the candidates haven’t dealt with these topics in a really long time, the preparation approach should be according to the topics and individual needs.

First, you should focus on dealing with the basic concepts. In most cases, you may encounter problems in which you are not able to identify the solution or know how to initiate the solution. These issues arise due to the lack of knowledge of the basic concepts. Search more and more for success stories of CAT aspirants who successfully cracked the CAT exam to get a boost and also the motivation to begin.

Know the pattern and syllabus

Knowing the CAT 2023 exam pattern will help you design your CAT preparation efficiently. There are 3 sections in CAT which are Quantitative Aptitude (34 questions), Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation (32 questions) and Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (34 questions).


Cracking the CAT exam does not require completing the entire syllabus. It’s all about identifying your strengths and weaknesses and paying special attention to weak areas. Then it is suggested to comprehend all the 3 sections equally, as you need to clear the section-wise cut-off in all the sections to increase your chances of getting shortlisted for IIMs. Knowing the correct strategy is the technique to get the maximum percentile in CAT.

Choosing the proper mode of preparations

CAT examination does not have a very advanced level syllabus, and thus, completing the preparations systematically along with proper tricks and technique is the key. You just need to focus on the approach with proper conceptual knowledge, and that’s why faculty plays a vital role in CAT preparations. Cracking CAT is all about speed and accuracy. So, smart shortcut tricks and rigorous practice can help you achieve a good percentile in the CAT exam.

“Sound mind in a sound body”

Preparation for any examination requires a healthy mind along with a systematic schedule. Especially for working professionals, time management from their tightly packed schedule is the only way to spend time for CAT preparations and regular practice. With proper health, a candidate can concentrate more on preparations and better retain the information in their memory.

“Rome was not built in a day”

To develop speed and accuracy for solving questions in the CAT examination, you need to revise all the topics on a timely basis. ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ should be your sole motto, and you need to cover the maximum set of questions that are expected in the CAT exam.

It is also suggested that a timetable should be made according to personal preference before starting the CAT preparation. By following a proper timetable diligently, preparation can be more effective, and the chances of cracking the CAT increases.

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