Reading Comprehension For CAT

CAT reading comprehension is probably the most important topic for CAT exam. Reading comprehension along with verbal ability constitutes a separate section in the exam with 34 questions. The reading comprehension for CAT questions alone constitutes 24% of the total questions in the CAT exam.

CAT Reading Comprehension Details

Total CAT Reading Comprehension Questions 24
Total Reading Comprehension Passages 5
Type of CAT RC Questions MCQs Only
Total Marks in RC Section 72
Passage Types in CAT RC Section 3 Long & 2 Short Passages
Difficulty in Reading Comprehension For CAT Section Moderately High
Marking Scheme in RC Section For CAT +3 (For Correct Answer)

-1 (For Incorrect Answer)

0 (For Unmarked Answer)

Earlier Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning section were clubbed together in CAT exams, but now they have been separated focusing oneself to solve only with the verbal bend of mind. CAT Reading Comprehension is a crucial section in CAT since around 70% of the questions in the VARC section is asked from these passages. Improving on RC is important because if you do well at RCs, you will do well in other related questions like Para-jumbles and Para-completion also.

Reading Comprehension For CAT

What exactly is Reading Comprehension?

Reading Comprehension is the ability to actively read the information (mostly passages) provided and assimilate the information to answer a given set of questions.

So, to solve the reading comprehension questions, one must be able to:

  • Understand the crux of the passage
  • Answer questions based on the text provided
  • Develop a perspective on the tone & tenor of the narration
  • Infer or deduce logical arguments

The most followed rule in the RC section is to understand what you read. It will prove a boon for you if you are able to read fast. But the speed is always secondary to understanding. Below are some tips for exam-preparation.

You must answer these questions before starting your preparation for RC:

  • What are the types of questions that are asked in a Comprehension?
  • What should be the strategy to follow for answering Comprehension?
  • What skills can be tested in Comprehension?
  • How should one improve in Comprehension?

Reading Comprehension Passages For CAT: CAT RC Questions

Here are the Reading Comprehension Exercises for CAT that might help you to practice and improve your RC solving skills.

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Rules to Follow While Preparing for RC Section:

  • One should understand the author’s main point.
  • To identify the key arguments being put forward to prove that point.
  • To identify the author’s tone which can be Mocking, Curious, Respectful, condescending etc.
  • Check for negative conjunctions and these words will definitely show a change in the tone of the author. So, the implication of the author is not what the initial statement suggests. For E.g. But, nevertheless, however, in spite of, etc.,
  • See if there are negative qualifiers words which create a doubt about fact being stated. E.g. perhaps, appears, somewhat, seems like, etc.

Best Tip to Improve in CAT RC (Reading Comprehension):

    • Inculcate the habit of reading

It is recommended to read newspapers like Indian Express, The Hindu, New York Times, and The Guardian; this undoubtedly will help in improving RC as their editorials cover a diverse set of topics. Students should read every article from examination point of view and grasp the relevance of each paragraph and the author’s ‘tone’. Making notes on these will help to properly prepare for the Reading Comprehension section. Go with downloading apps for vocabulary that would get make learning experience fun, addictive and effective.

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