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Should I Quit Job And Prepare For CAT?

Many MBA aspirants preparing for the CAT examination are in a fix whether they have to quit their job to concentrate on their preparation or to try and manage both together. Quitting a job to prepare for the CAT exam shows that a candidate lacks ‘multitasking’ which is the foremost quality needed to get into an IIM or any top B-school. CAT exam is an aptitude test and the faculty at IIM and other top B-schools believe that it doesn’t need any preparation.

Quitting a job is not a good option. It will definitely have a negative impact on your profile. Even if you succeed to get a good percentile, there are a few questions that you may face like 1. Can you justify your ability to manage time? (Work+ CAT exam preparations) 2. 6 candidates before you have managed their busy work schedule and CAT preparation, whereas you have solely concentrated on CAT. Why would I choose you over them?

With a high level of competition and many candidates capable of perfectly managing both their job and CAT preparations, you will be blacklisted by the panel for being unworthy to tackle the hectic and stressful academics offered by IIMs and other top B-schools. Simultaneous preparation with your regular job is advised. CAT exam is usually held in November every year and the right time to start preparation is from March. Dedicate around 2 hours every day to prepare for CAT.

  • Refer to the entire syllabus and jot down all the topics from all the sections.
  • Chalk out a strategy and prepare a timetable and study every day.
  • Every weekend take a mock test and do a SWOT analysis.
  • Concentrate more on your weakness.
  • With the onset of September, start solving previous year papers
  • Learn to manage time, speed and accuracy
  • Bell the CAT!

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The key is to manage your busy work schedule and CAT preparation. With early and strategic preparation, clearing the CAT exam is very easy. Learning a few tactics like ‘Shortcut techniques’ will help you to solve the question within a stipulated time. At BYJU’S, CAT aspirants are provided with various study materials, notes, sample papers, previous year question papers, and several video lessons to make CAT preparation easy and effective.

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