Things To Know Before Applying for CAT Exam 2022

It is always good to do some homework about anything that you are going to commit yourself to. You must already be aware of the CAT format and pattern. CAT (Common Admission Test) is a computer-based aptitude test for admissions into some of the top B-schools of the country.

The CAT is an online test with a duration of 2 hours where the examinees are tested in the Verbal (26 QUESTIONS), Quantitative (26 QUESTIONS) and DI-LR (24 QUESTIONS) sections. Every correct answer is rewarded with 3 marks while every incorrect MCQ will deduct 1 mark. Out of the 100 questions in the paper, most of them are MCQs. The number of non-MCQs varies every year. An online calculator is also provided to the test-takers.

The candidates are suggested to get thoroughly acquainted with the CAT exam 2022 before applying for it. Here are some of the most crucial points that the CAT aspirants are required to know.

1. Questions are Application-Based

More than anything, CAT is a test of aptitude. The questions are designed in a manner so as to check your linking skills i.e. how well you link what you know about the problem at hand. It is certainly not a test of how well you can memorize formulas. So, a strong base of fundamental concepts is highly crucial and you have to adapt yourself to think and process the information given to you.

2. Choose Wisely

As important as it is to select the question you want to solve, you should be equally competent in avoiding questions you know are probably not your cup of tea. Don’t take this day as one to sample your IQ.  Only go for safe answers. A wrong answer will affect your score as well as your percentile.

3. Test of Accuracy

Accuracy plays a vital role in determining your percentile. There are innumerable examples of students solving more questions with higher errors and scoring significantly lower than students who attempted much less but got mostly correct answers.

Do not guess answers or answer questions you are not very sure about. You may end up hampering your scores instead.

4. Dynamic Marking

CAT has a dynamic marking system. A lot of factors affect your overall percentile. Every question is scaled on the basis of its difficulty level and the number of people attempting it and actually getting it right. Your accuracy is also a major determining factor for your percentile. There is a negative mark for every incorrect answer, but this is not applicable to non-MCQ questions.

5. Sectional Cut-offs For IIM Calls

If you want to get a call from the IIMs, a sectional percentile cut-off is as important as a comprehensive good percentile. 98+ percentile scorers sometimes end up without IIM calls if they are not able to cross a certain sectional cut-off. This means you should focus equally on all the sections.

6. Don’t Skimp On Mock Tests – The Last Lap

Mock tests are half of your CAT preparation. They simulate the actual test and prepare you a step further than theoretically going through the questions. You will be able to time yourself and analyze your weak points. Once you feel you are done with your preparations give as many full-length and sectional tests as possible.

These crucial points should be in every CAT aspirants mind. With honest preparation and proper dedication, the CAT exam can be easily cracked. The candidates are suggested to keep visiting BYJU’S to get various mock tests, sample papers, previous year questions and several video lectures to prepare for CAT Exam 2022 more effectively.