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Where Should I Pursue My MBA?

Scoring a high percentile in CAT is every MBA aspirant’s dream, and the very essence of pursuing it from the college you wish for makes it an even better deal! The essential question is whom and where to turn to when it comes to an MBA programme. Make a list of the criteria that you are looking for in a college or university instead of jumping to conclusions based on hearsay or preconceived notions.

Be sure of where you wish to pursue your MBA on the basis of certain parameters instead of going by word of mouth. The first prerequisite is to be well aware of the colleges available.

The key factors that you need to keep in mind while searching for a college for your post-graduation are listed below:


The most important of all is the choice, and of course, you wish to pursue MBA Specialisation. Only after you have zeroed down on the specialisation of the course will you be able to know which college provides it. If you choose a college only on the basis of its popularity, you might end up pursuing a course that might eventually end up not being your cup of tea!


The second in line would be the faculty details of the college or university. The faculty responsible for academic performance leaves an indelible mark on how your career will shape up. The idea is to know whether you are in safe hands or not.


Along with the availability of courses and the faculty, you also need to look at the infrastructure. The campus in which you wish to spend one/two entire years studying, battling with projects, gaining information and building yourself must be great. Infrastructure means not only the area but also the provision of basic amenities.


Any college with a 100% campus placement record is more than lucrative to a student interested in MBA. The prime motive after recognition of education is the rewarding job opportunities that a post-graduation course has to offer. The only possibility is the campus placement. After all, who doesn’t want to get placed at a global firm right after their post-graduation?


The alumni strength of a college/university is what differentiates it from others. The stronger the list of alumni, the higher ranking it has in the list of top B-schools. Every aspirant has to check the best alumni of the given list of colleges to make sure they can also follow in the footsteps of their role models.

Having known how to answer the question “Where should I pursue my MBA?” you should go through the list of top 15 B-schools in India. You can get yourself admission to these colleges by appearing for CAT and scoring a good percentile.