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Whether CAT Actually Tests Your Managerial Aptitude?

CAT examination is conducted every year for aspirants who want to make a career in Business Management. CAT exam is considered one of the toughest exams in the country. Many candidates appear for CAT Exam every year but only a few are successful in getting into top B-schools. The pressing question is; does CAT Test your managerial skills?

The main agenda of MBA aspirants is to become a management guru or become an entrepreneur and there are 2 categories of candidates who work hard to pursue a degree in MBA are either working professionals or students who have just completed their graduation (or in the final year of graduation).

Focusing on candidates who are just out of college or the ones who are in their final year, have no prior work experience and there is no basis for testing managerial skills of such candidates. But with candidates who have working experience can be scrutinized based on their performance in the company they are employed at.

A few arenas a candidate needs to focus on are

  • You are given a chance to display ostentatiously your accomplishments at the workplace or college.
  • Focus on the projects/Initiatives taken by you.
  • Flaunt your leadership skills

But bluffing will take you nowhere. Be honest with your replies. CAT doesn’t test your managerial aptitude but it does test whether you are capable to imbibe managerial skills!