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To achieve the stellar GMAT score of more than 700, a strategic GMAT preparation is required. Accordingly, GMAT preparation demands familiarity with the test contents, exam scoring structure and question pattern. Additionally, the aspirants have to develop quick and correct answering tendency to ace the test. Henceforth, a pragmatic GMAT prep goes through the three steps:

  • Researching and collecting authentic GMAT prep materials
  • Reviewing, revising and memorising the long learnt academic learnings
  • Devote to GMAT Mock test appearance and acquired results
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In the era of technological advancement, Byju’s offers the best GMAT preparation training following the app based learning concept. Byju’s GMAT learning program is a tablet-based and online streaming study plan, where the mentors explain various topics related to subjects respectively. With one touch the respective GMAT aspirants can get content for 150 hours of comprehensive GMAT study that includes 100 hours for verbal and 50 hours for quant. Additionally, it provides 3,500 practice questions and personalized question bank. The minds behind the GMAT prep learning app are leading industry trainers Santosh P.N. and Amith Ravindra. Within a span of five years, the duo has trained over 30,000 students for various national/ international exams such as CAT, GMAT, GRE and UPSC. For clearing doubts, students can register themselves on the website for free webinars from GMAT Experts.

Free GMAT Preparation- An Overview:

If you’re an aspiring GMAT test-taker, and looking for a total GMAT preparation solution then your hunt ends here. We in Byju’s strengthen your potentials and nurture your weak nerves to succeed in the test. Through this write-up, we are introducing you to draw an outline of the test.

GMAT test contains mainly four sections: Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), Integrated Reasoning (IR), Quantitative Aptitude (QA), & Verbal Reasoning (VR).

Analytical Writing Assessment: In this section, you’re given an essay- Analysis of an Argument to write with 250-300 word-length. Since it is an Analysis of an Argument, the test takers have to exhibit their critical and analytical thinking skills to infer the author’s flawed statement. The topic could be like, a flawed argument, e.g. Mike is a good player in the team. Hence, everyone is a good player in the team. The section is gauged on a scale of 0-6 with 0.5 mark increment and the score between 3-4.5 is regarded as a good score. To get through the section, competent English language skills are required.

Integrated Reasoning: The section comprises the elementary form of Data Interpretation. The questions will be based upon a few figures, data will be given and you have to answer them by analysing those data. Generally, it has four categories mainly: Multi-source reasoning, Graphics interpretation, Two-part analysis and Table analysis.

Quantitative Aptitude: This section includes high thinking order mathematical questions based on Grade 8-10 concepts. The following section is a computer adaptive test (CAT) which follows an algorithm on the test difficulty. The B-schools focus majorly on the quant score of the candidates.

Verbal Reasoning: This section evaluates your English language skills. If you’ve a good vocabulary and know the grammar rules then you have an edge from the rest of the competitors.

Download Free GMAT Sample Papers Section Wise
Verbal Ability Section Reading Comprehension PDF Questions Solutions
Critical Reasoning PDF Questions Solutions
Sentence Correction PDF Questions Solutions
Integrated Reasoning Section Integrated Reasoning PDF Questions Solutions
Quantitative Reasoning Section Data Sufficiency PDF Questions Solutions
Problem Solving PDF Questions Solutions

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