Top 6 Tips to Ace the GMAT Quant Section

Often, GMAT quant section makes the blood run cold for several MBA aspirants. Indeed, after acquiring the prestigious degree of MBA, graduates will not be calculating the area of a room, hall or any place. However, they will be estimating the future profit or loss percentage, extracting information from pie charts, bar graphs, etc. Hence, quantitative aptitude is an essential part of the GMAT preparation.

GMAT Quant syllabus consists of the basic quantitative concepts up to high-school standard. The section is divided into two subsections: Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving. There are 37 questions to be attempted in 75 minutes. Since it is a computer adaptive test, with every right answer, the difficulty level of the question increases. The score is measured on a scale of 0-60 and the overall score is 800.

Here are the four affordable quant preparation tips from our experts, follow the tips and secure an admirable score.

1. Review the Basics

To lay a strong foundation of mathematical question solving, it is extremely important to start working from scratch. Before encountering the chill winds of quant questions, review your basics. Allocate proper time to brush up on the basics, and try to implement those while solving the questions.

2. Take help of GMAT Official Guide

GMAT Official Guide is the holy book for GMAT preparation. It gives you all the minute details about the test pattern, question structure, practice questions along with solved questions. The solved questions contain the tricks and tips for quick and easy solving. GMAT Official Guide 2017-2018 offers over 900+ questions from past GMAT tests. If you want to acquire an in-depth knowledge about GMAT subjects, GMAC offers two more books: The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review and The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review, each with an additional 300 official GMAT practice questions.

3. Learn Tricks for Faster Problem-Solving

To ace the GMAT quant section, it is essential to understand the question properly so that you are able to apply the most effective method for problem solving. These methods will help you to save some of your precious time, which can provide your performance a major boost as it is often said that the number of attempted questions is directly proportional to the GMAT score. Let’s have a look at an example to see how the usage of simple tricks can make things easier for you:

Q. Find the square of 114

Step 1 = Deviation is 114–100 = 14

Now, add this deviation with the number, i.e.

114+14 = 128

Step 2 = Find Square of the deviation = 142 = 196

In this case, when the square of the deviation is a three-digit number, you need to add the first digit with 128.

i.e. 128+1 = 129

Hence, 1142=12996

4. Analysis of Performance in Mock Tests

Mock tests are an integral part of the GMAT preparation. Taking mock tests enables students to develop a better understanding of the exam pattern and their own strengths and weaknesses. Make sure that you take the mock tests on a regular basis as they can help you to analyse your current level of preparation. A Diagnostic toolkit is provided with BYJU’S mock tests which will provide you with a complete diagnosis of your performance in the mock test and recommend you some questions that you can practise to improve upon your shortcomings.

5. Improve upon Mental Math Skills

Save your time by doing the basic math operations in your mind. Learn new tricks for faster calculation and use them during practice. Mental calculation will help you to eliminate some of the options that are provided to you. You can also use approximations to arrive at the right answer. The best way to get better at mental calculations is to practice simple operations on random numbers during your free time without using a pen and paper.

6. Be Wary of the Negative Symbol

Students often use the mathematical signs erroneously. While performing the basic mathematical operations like adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, it is very important to put the right sign before the number to get the right answer. These kinds of errors are completely inexplicable and can be seriously damaging for your performance in the exam. So, make sure that you are extra careful with the negative sign. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay a big price for a small mistake.

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