Advantages And Disadvantages Of Not Taking GMAT Classroom Training

The GMAT exam is one of the most demanding exams which is attempted by many candidates to gain admissions in some of the top B-schools across the world. Therefore it automatically requires maximum efforts to be contributed when you begin your preparation. Every section of the exam – Quant, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing needs you to be well versed and adept with the syllabus.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Not Taking GMAT Classroom Training

Preparing for the exam is alone a tedious task and this becomes more strenuous if you are balancing it with a full time job. Before we speak about the advantages let us first look at the flip side of taking classes for GMAT preparation.

If you are opting for coaching classes to help you with your GMAT preparation then you need to match your class schedules along with your work timings. This will create a very hectic agenda making your preparation a very harried process. You may not be able to commute to the classes on time and may end up missing classes. When you miss classes you tend to lose valuable information and the professors may not be willing to retake the same sections just for your benefit. Along with the above when you are attending classes you have to stick to stringent schedules which once again may place you in an inconvenient position. Another important factor which you have to consider is the cost of the GMAT preparation. All preparatory courses are expensive and hence you will end up spending a lot on the same as well. These coaching classes will mostly hire the best instructors to teach the different subjects in the GMAT exam therefore increasing the cost of the course. You will also have to adhere only to the same order the topics are being taught in class and can’t have your own lesson plan for studying. You will be unable to study at your own pace and concentrate on the topics you feel you need to pay more attention to. You will have to compete for attention from the professor since you will be learning alongside 20-30 students in a classroom set up. Another disadvantage of attending classes for the GMAT exam is that when you are in a class full of students the atmosphere is seldom conducive for learning since there are bound to be disturbances from someone or the other. This will lead to many distractions and will not assist you in your efforts for satisfactory preparation for the GMAT exam. You will be bound by a time constraint since these coaching classes are usually held for an hour or two only.

There are plenty of advantages if you opt to study on your own for the GMAT exam. First off you will have the freedom and the opportunity to study from the comfort of your home. You will not have to waste time commuting to and fro from your classes. With the current advancement in technology you will have access to unlimited study materials online. You will have the flexibility to form your own study plan as per your requirements. Ensure to stick to the study plan so that you don’t miss out on any of the important topics in the syllabus. It also helps you to track the progress which you have made with your preparation. You will be the one deciding the pace at which you want to study and which topics you need to concentrate on the most. You can invest time on purchasing good study materials which will help you the most with your preparation. You have many good quality apps available online like – BYJU’S which you can make use of for your GMAT preparation. They will help you to study in an effective manner and also assist you to customize your study plan according to your specifications. The cost involved in studying by yourself is lesser when compared to the expenses of coaching classes. There will be no external factors which may cause distractions during your study time. This allows you to give your undivided attention to preparing for the exam. In the event that you have certain doubts then there are many online forums, discussion groups available where you can clarify your questions as and when required. You have the option to study for many hours together at a stretch with no interferences. If you would like to self analyze your strengths and weaknesses then you even have the choice to attempt mock tests online. Mock tests help you get familiar with the testing patterns of the GMAT exam (the adaptive testing methods, the marking patterns, the break schedules, the duration of the entire test etc). You will have a basic idea on how much time to allocate for each section in the exam. The mock tests also help you to understand which score range you would fall under in the final exam. It is essential to spend adequate time on weekdays even if you are a working professional. Additionally on weekends you can spend more time towards your preparation.

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Hence as listed above there are many benefits if you choose to study on your own for the GMAT exam. It is imperative that you begin your preparation in a diligent manner once you have decided on the date of your exam. In addition to the above, studying by yourself can also help you enhance your confidence and self esteem as well. Since you are preparing on your own ensure to keep a check on the progress which you have made on a regular basis so that you are able to complete your preparation on time.

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