All About GMAT Coaching

Preparing for the GMAT involves a lot of efforts from the candidates so that they are able to achieve their desired scores and gain admissions in the universities of their preference. The GMAT scores are recognized internationally across many of the top B-schools and hence it plays an influential role in the admissions procedure. Most of the candidates who are attempting the GMAT exam are working professionals and hence will find it difficult to prepare on their own without any external assistance or coaching. However with the improvement in technology there is an abundance of free GMAT prep classes or free GMAT coaching online. Although you would be spoilt for choice not all of these free GMAT classes available are of good calibre. You have 3 options at your disposal for GMAT Classes:

  1. Tab based mode of learning
  2. Online classes or e-learning modules
  3. Classroom mode of learning
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All About GMAT Coaching

The Tab based mode of learning and online coaching for GMAT have found many individuals who are interested in the same over candidates who prefer the classroom based type of learning. This is because both the Online GMAT classes and the Tab based methods of learning provide the candidates with the much needed flexibility and independence to choose when to study, what order to study, how much time to study and even where to study. They will not have to conform to the strict and stringent rules which the traditional classroom based learning will offer. The syllabus for the GMAT exam comprises of fundamental concepts which you would have learnt in your middle school and high school therefore with the correct assistance and the right set of study materials you would be able to attain the desired GMAT scores. You will not have to worry over missing any online GMAT coaching classes since in most cases these are recorded sessions which will allow you to revisit the required classes at any point of time when required. As mentioned you also have the power to choose to study from anywhere and you don’t have to be physically present in a classroom to learn. Such an option proves to be extremely beneficial for candidates who are juggling a full time job and they can choose to study from anywhere, even at their work breaks or during their commute to or from work as well. The online GMAT classes in India has improved by leaps and bounds over the past few years. With BYJU’S – a leading app based learning provider which is also the GMAT coaching best app, candidates can rest assured that their preparation efforts will yield excellent results. They also provide online webinar sessions which will assist you to get your queries clarified with some of the leading experts in each subject – Quant or Verbal.

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The GMAT classes time can be determined by you (i.e) when you want to study as per your convenience and preferences. There are no restrictions which will be imposed on you in this regard. According to professionals there are an equal amount of benefits to studying in the morning and with studying late at nights. Although these are only opinions of certain individuals and may not necessarily be applicable to everyone. Hence you can choose whichever option seems to suit your studying pattern.

Advantages of studying at Night :

  1. There are no unnecessary distractions/disturbances.
  2. You will get unlimited time to study silently and with peace.
  3. When you finish studying and sleep your short term memories (topics which you have just studied) get converted to long term and therefore provides you with an improved capacity to recall the concepts.
  4. You will not have any deadlines to meet since you have already completed all your tasks for the day, this will give you a sense of relaxation and won’t provide any stress.

Advantages of studying in the Morning :

  1. You have high energy since it is the beginning of your day.
  2. You may be able to combine your study plans along with your friends who may also opt to study in the morning like you.
  3. This will not affect your sleep cycle and you will be following the natural cycle of nature by waking up early and studying.
  4. Natural sunlight will keep you refreshed and motivate you to study better.

These may seem like some broad guidelines which you can adopt to choose the appropriate time to study.

BYJU’S also has free GMAT prep articles which have several all encompassing GMAT related articles like – study plans, syllabus, application process, tips and tricks to study verbal/quant etc. Similarly it also has free GMAT coaching app through their app which is available on the Play store and can be downloaded easily.

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