All You Need To Know About GMAT

Now that you have decided to pursue an MBA degree overseas the next step will be to register for your GMAT exam. The GMAT scores are one of the main criteria which the admissions committee of various universities will seek to admit candidates to their universities. Therefore it is essential that you spend adequate time and efforts on your GMAT preparation so that you are able to achieve your desired scores and gain admissions in the universities of your preference.

The registration process of the exam is a fairly simple one. You will first have to create an account for yourself on the official GMAC website. You will be prompted to fill in basic details like – your First Name, Last Name, Email id, Date of Birth, Address etc. Your name should appear the same way it does on the government issued document which you will be submitting during your exam. Once you have filled in all of these details, the next step will be to schedule your GMAT exam. The date for gmat exam should be dependent on when you would begin your application process and when you would like to begin studying for your MBA degree. The exam dates for gmat can be any day since the GMAT is conducted throughout the year. There are no specific exam dates of gmat 2018 or for any year either. This gives you the freedom to choose any date as per your convenience and requirement instead of having to adhere to a predetermined exam date fixed by the examiners. Now once you have selected the exam date for gmat you will have to confirm all the exam details. Then you will proceed to the payment page for the GMAT exam.

The exam fee for gmat is US $250 and this is irrespective of what background you belong to or how good your CGPA scores are etc. There is no separate exam fee for gmat in india and it is the same across the world. The gmat fees in indian rupees is Rs.18481.25 (current INR value against the USD as on Nov. 2018). Once you have completed the payment process your registration process for the exam is complete.

With the GMAT account you will be able to reschedule your exam date or even cancel it if you have changed your mind. You will also have access to real time exam questions and mock exams to simulate the actual exam taking experience. There will also be other exam prep tools which will enable you to be better equipped for the exam. Additionally you can also search for schools, events and more information regarding the B-schools you want to apply to. You can make comparisons and save the required information to your calendar too.

Now that you have finalized on the date you will be attempting your GMAT exam the next step in this process will be to begin your preparation for the GMAT. There is no such ideal gmat exam score or any gmat exam score scale for you to use to determine which score you have to attain. However you may have some approximate ranges for the scores which each B-school will already have and you need to do appropriate research so that you can target the same. While the average gmat scores for mba programs are not defined, it is good to have a score of above 700 and ideal to obtain a 750+ score as well. To calculate gmat score which you may land up with in your final exam you must attempt several mock tests/mock exams which will give you an approximate idea about what range your final GMAT score may be. Do remember these are not always accurate and will not give you the exact score which you are likely to attain in your GMAT exam.

There are several top universities and B-schools across the world which accept and recognize the GMAT scores. There are even colleges accepting gmat score in india too, so if you would like to study at India then you can still use your scores of the GMAT exam to do so. The admissions committee of B-schools across the world use the scores of the GMAT exam as one of the measures to determine whether a candidate is competent enough to join the MBA degree program at their university. Therefore it is vital to concentrate and spend adequate efforts to achieve a good gmat score.

Now that you have registered for the exam you will now have an exact time limit within which you will have to complete your preparation for the exam. Ensure to have a good study plan which is essential if you are a working professional so that you are able to balance both studying for the exam and your full time job. A good study plan will help you map out all the portions of the syllabus you have to complete and also to track the progress which you have made with your preparation. This will assist you to complete studying on a periodic basis instead of having to cram in the last minute.

Finally, it is necessary to maintain a calm demeanour without creating too much stress for yourself. In the event that you are unable to reach a good gmat score then you can still compensate for the same by working hard to develop the other aspects of your profile such as – SOP (Statement of Purpose), LOR (Letter of Recommendation), CGPA scores, Internships, Extracurricular and Co-curricular activities, Online certifications etc. The adcom prefers to admit candidates who are versatile and can add diversity to their campus instead of only individuals who are academically brilliant.

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