6 Tips for Arithmetic Preparation GMAT

The elementary branch of mathematics is Arithmetic. It is a method or process of computation with figures includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In GMAT, the construction of questions includes Algebra, Proportion, and Geometry. As this is a computer adaptive test, the difficulty level of question rises with every question and the pressure to answer them correctly are enough to shiver one’s backbone. Indeed, MBA graduates won’t be finding the value of a variable during their job but mathematical concepts perform a vital role in ascertaining future goals and representing in analytical ways.

The quant section comprises 41 questions and needed to comply within 75 minutes. So, preparing for Arithmetic demands quick computation of variables with proper implication tips and tricks. The quant syllabus covers up to the high school level. Here are six tips that will ease your GMAT Arithmetic preparation.

1. Review your basics

The basics are the major player in GMAT. If the candidate is possessing a strong layout of mathematical concepts, it becomes easy to solve the questions within a few seconds. Holistically, give time to brush up the basics because it’ll take time to recall as the aspirants are starting it over a long time. Don’t rush for the tricks, understand, learn, adapt and practice.

2. Practice Quantitative questions from the practice sets

To learn the basics opt an authoritative book where the basics are clearly and briefly described. This will give you a thorough idea of the questions, and you’ll learn the important points quickly. And if you’ll practice from the practice sets you’ll get a wide variety of questions. That will drill your brain in attempting the questions from different topics.

3. Evaluate your practice test

No one can teach better than your experience. So evaluate your performance in the practice test. Point out the questions you attempted correctly or incorrectly. And initiate practicing according to that.

4. Identify your weak nerve and make it strong

Analyze your weak nerves and attack it with practice and learning. At the test, you should not regret like “Ohh god! I would have studied it and practiced.”

5. Be crazy for sufficiency do not run after correct answer

There is no penalty for the wrong answer in GMAT exams. So your approach should be in the right way to while solving the questions. No need to run after the correct answers.

6. Take mock test regularly

The mock test is your best friends while preparing for GMAT. Take GMAT Mock test regularly. They will exhibit the real scenario where you stand.

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