Average GMAT Scores Required for Indian Students

Average GMAT Scores for Indian Students

Before appearing in any exams, we have a tendency to explore the least, the average and the highest scores to obtain to qualify the important test.

In GMAT examination also test aspirants search for the lowest and highest GMAT score. As we stated in our several articles, no business schools publish cut off marks for GMAT during the admission cycles. In 2015, Harvard Business School admitted a 510 scorer applicant! Take a long breath and read the line again. Yes it true. Sometimes the Adcom blow off 700+ scorer if they found them incompetent on any ground.

Hence GMAT is not only for extraordinarily scorers of 700+. There are several other criteria on which any individual examined like:

  • Letters of Recommendations
  • Interviews
  • Essays
  • And GMAT score.

GMAT score is an integral part of the admission process. We say that securing more than 700 scores in GMAT is to be in the safer zone. But not so mandatory to obtain 700 scores, it is not a bench mark. If you’re scoring in between 650-690, it is also considered to be a good score to seek admission in any of the business schools. (How to improve GMAT score).

On the other hand, you have to be very particular, accurate and precise while writing the essays. (link_ do’s and don’ts while writing an essay). You should be very careful while selecting the prominent person whom you approached to write your letters of recommendations. They should not write anything that over-hypes you.

While participating in the interview, you should be confident. Try to give relevant points to support your answer. Be calm. Take your time to respond to the questions. Rather giving the wrong answer it is good to decline the question.

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