Best and Worst Recommenders for MBA

If you are a graduate student, employer or faculty member who is new to writing recommendations in general, Most MBA programs need you to submit two to three letters of recommendation from people capable of commenting on your qualifications for business school. This may feel like a range of an application over which you have no control over since it will be written by another individual. You will have to look to take suggestions first to affirm their feeling of your scholastic potential, and second to learn whatever else they can around your specific inspirations, aptitudes or encounters. Some B-schools place great significance on the recommendations; others, not so much. In writing a letter of recommendation, however, you should assume that it will matter a lot —both in terms of what you say, and what you don’t say.

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These letters should be honestly conversed since it depicts an image of the candidate.

Before you get this letter written you must keep the following points in mind.

Most Appropriate Recommenders:

1. Current Supervisor or Boss

Often it is observed that it is best to choose a person who knows you and your work output as well. So if you can swing it with your supervisor, then this is the best way to go. Just make sure that you’re confident enough to ask your boss and don’t end up jeopardizing your job. You could remind them about the projects that you have worked on and about the responsibilities you have handled so far as well. Since you will be requesting this as a favour from your boss make sure that you don’t bother them constantly over the same. Give them a gentle reminder about your deadline in the event that they have forgotten about your LOR.

2. Your Boss’s Boss

If you can’t get your direct supervisor or you consider that your Boss’s Supervisor will be better, there is no reason not to give them a shot. They will obviously be familiar with your work product as well. Their seniority level will also prove to be beneficial for you while sending your applications. While you approach them do remember that you will have to do so cautiously due to their rank in the organization. Once again don’t be overbearing and imposing on them since they would already have many responsibilities. Remember that a letter from someone in such a senior position will prove to be very effective since the credibility of your application will improve.

3. Previous Boss

As should be obvious, having a director vouch for you will definitely be impressive in the overall procedure. In the event that you are worried about asking your present supervisors, then it may be a great opportunity to contact an old manager for that letter. This is the reason it is so vital to keep solid connections even in the wake of leaving your past occupation. It is also important that you don’t leave an organization on a negative note or without proper exit formalities. In such scenarios it could prove to be a difficult task to contact them and get a LOR.

4. President or Supervisor over you in an Extracurricular role

Extracurriculars can pay off by not only getting you that great experience, leadership, or bonus points on your application, but they can also pay great dividends on the recommendations. If you have strong Extra curricular work, then the recommendation becomes that much stronger. Make sure that the person you ask is more of a superior than a peer. These activities tend to add more leverage to your profile since these are the ventures which will make your profile stand out among the many thousands of applications the adcom generally receives.

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Recommenders who are AVERAGE:

1. Past Teacher

On the off chance that you are a more youthful candidate without much work experience (under 2-3 years) then you might not have adequate solid associations or suitable people to approach. It might be useful for you to look back to the teacher that really had an influence on you during your college. If you were able to build a strong enough relationship, they might be willing to give you that raving review. They will not be as good as a current employer since they will not be familiar with your work product in the way a supervisor is familiar. It is possible that the professors would not recall your achievements because they may have dealt with a lot of students since you had graduated from college. In this scenario you will have to assist on refreshing their memory about the subjects you had learned from them and also on the projects which you have worked on in that particular subject. Alternatively you could get in touch with your Head of Department as well who would be able to assist with writing the LOR.

2. Peer

As a rule people look to their companions for suggestions. This includes anybody that is almost at the same level at either your current or your previous employment organization and has never been your immediate boss. The suggestion will not hold as much impact as a supervisor writing it since the Adcom would usually expect such LOR’s written by associates. So a peer would not be the perfect contender for a proposal, although they would in any case have the capacity to give a solid assessment about your work experience. Since they would also have firsthand experience about working on the same or similar role. They will know about the responsibilities and the tasks which you were entrusted with and the projects which you were assigned to.

Least appropriate Recommenders:

1.Dad, mom, or any family associates

There is absolutely no reason or way that you should select your mom or dad for a recommendation. Even in cases where your mom or dad is your boss, or you work with the family business. In no condition should your mom or dad be writing you a recommendation letter. Their opinion of you will have no weight in the Admission committee eyes because you mom or dad can not be unbiased when they write a LOR for you.

2. Someone you don’t know so well

So you know somebody that will give you a recommendation letter in the event that you inquire. They could be a long time family companion, or somebody you once knew as a youngster, or somebody that would say yes when you requested them. He/she is in a very influential position, so they may appear like the ideal fit. NOOO, this isn’t appropriate. Regularly there are recommenders that won’t say no, however when it comes directly down to it, their sentiment won’t be effective since you have never worked with them. Try not to get sucked into the “simple” proposal. It may be anything but difficult to ask them, yet it won’t as a matter of fact pay off any enormous profits with your LOR. They would not be able to elaborate on any of the achievements you have done or talk about your competencies and skills either.

3. Someone that you don’t trust, is too busy, or never punctual

Some individuals are just flat out too busy to write a recommendation letter. Don’t let anyone that is in a rush affect your chances of gaining admissions in the B-school of your choice.In the event that you don’t believe their capability to accommodate your request or to draft a recommendation letter by the due date, or you simply know it will not be a priority in their to do list of things, then it wise to not ask them. It simply isn’t worth the extra efforts you will have to put in to get the LOR, despite any potential benefits. I’ve seen such a large number of people hurt by their recommenders, and sweating on the off chance that they will turn it in on time. The grief is not justified, despite any advantage it may provide.


The recommender is a key part of one aspect of your application. Do whatever it takes so that you don’t look beyond it, and make it a point to START EARLY to get the best people on your side. You can do adequate research about the schools you are applying to and then guide your recommenders with the appropriate request. This will help them depict you in a well-structured manner. Good Luck with your applications, and keep up all the great work!

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