The Best MBA Part Time Jobs

Part time job with MBACandidly, pursuing an MBA is an avalanche of cost. We can’t deny the advantages of an MBA in fostering the career graph even though it burns a big hole into your pockets. It accredits higher paid remuneration, a top position in the management hierarchy, enables effective communication skills, and develops traits of problem-solving, transforms as a leader and many other attributes that you’ll be learning. Hence, an MBA is a lifetime investment which assures a stable and solemn career.

But for some, bearing the MBA course cost is like an uphill battle and they start esprit d’escalier for working in part time. Here are the few disadvantages of working as a part time along with MBA course like you might end up with sacrificing some of the benefits of b-school:

Socializing/ Networking

It is one of the most significant aspects of MBA. During the persuasion of the course, it is necessary to socialize yourself and build up a strong networking. It will benefit you at the end of the course in terms for referring to job positions, sharing ideas for operating startups. Since, in the class mostly people have come after gaining few years of experience from different sectors of organizations so they cultivate a big list of contacts.

Gaining lessons from real working experience

An MBA class room incorporates the clans who have a rich experience in different working sectors; during the class discussions, they share the real working observation and professional skills. Participating in these discussions gives you the exposure to learn or teach from the gained experiences.

Types of jobs can be done as a part-time with an MBA:

If you’re really in a need of job to sustain the expenses of an MBA, you can perform on the under mentioned job role:

1)    Sales/ Marketing person– Many small business organization or start ups employ MBA grads on part time basis to interact with clients for marketing their products, getting the investors etc. Part time job of such nature will help you to gain enough experience of field work.

2)    As freelancer- You can always use your hobby as a tool to get you work as freelancer, where you can use your knowledge to provide solutions to needy in return of the small sum of money.

3)    As Accountants– Many shops/ store will be happily employing qualified folks on part time basis to keep a record of their account, make sure everything is going well and well within plans.

4)    Teacher- If you have a good hold of subjects, you can easily teach some
subjects which can fetch you quick cash. However it depends upon demand, so you
may have to struggle a bit while searching.

We recommend not to chase money while pursuing MBA, once you have finished the course  you’ll get much more good opportunities in terms of monetary stabilities.

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