Columbia University

Columbia University

A private ivy league university, located in the high energy city of New York, has produced some of the most prominent personalities, such as the founding fathers of US, 20 living billionaires, 29 Academy Award holders, to name a few. Winners of several coveted awards for its academic excellence and teaching methodologies, this university enjoys the reputation of being one of the top 4 institutes across the United States. A vibrant campus, excellent infrastructure, technologically advanced classrooms and an approachable faculty will help you shape your career for success.

Let’s analyse the features of this college against certain critical parameters:

What to expect?

To begin with, the Columbia University campus is awe-inspiring. As the third largest landowners in the US, the campus is spread over 32 acres of land, houses 78 apartments and over two dozen undergraduate dormitories. With a curriculum, that focuses on developing industry relevant skill-sets in its students; this university is popular for giving to the world some of the most prominent international personalities. Supported by highly acclaimed body of professors, this college will groom, polish, and prepare you for the business world. Moreover, a potpourri of cultures, you will be exposed to memorable and enriching international experiences.

Course Structure

The university offers a huge selection of courses ranging from literature, sociology, psychology to economics, education, business, science, etc. However, each study stream is structured in a way that will inculcate in you a desire to learn, experiment, explore and invent. In addition to academics, you will be exposed to one of a kind cultural programmes, informative seminars, and fun-filled outdoor activities. In short, Columbia University believes in holistic development of its students.

Quality of Education

With innovation as its cornerstone, this university will encourage you to use your creativity and intellect to its full potential. The students of this college have made some of the most notable inventions. For instance, Columbia was the first North American site where the uranium atom was split, and it is also the birthplace of FM radio and the laser. The MPEG-2 algorithm of transmitting high-quality audio and video over limited bandwidth was developed by Dimitris Anastassiou, a Columbia professor, and biologist Martin Chalfie was the first to introduce the use of Green Fluorescent Protein.

Cost of Education

Nothing of quality comes cheap, the same holds true for education as well. Although the tuition and associated fees of Columbia University is on the higher side, but the education and resources provided would by this institute will yield personal, intellectual, and professional gains for the rest of your life.

Placement and Salary

With a hundred percent placement record and an average salary offered ranging from US $43,000 to US $63,000, this university never has any dearth of organizations wanting to hire its students.

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