Commonly Asked Questions During MBA Interviews

“I sometimes find that in interviews you learn more about yourself than the person learned about you”- William Shatner

Over the past decades, it has been keenly observed that the MBA interview panels follow a similar set of questions with a majority of their candidates. In this article we will provide you with a vivid range of questions, which you can practice answering prior to facing your interviews. We also assure that these questions will certainly assist you with your endeavors a lot.

The Basic Questions

The below questions are what we would call the fundamental, ground-level questions which you can expect in a B-School interview. In other words, it would be insanity if you enter an interview unprepared for any of the following questions. We recommend that you start your interview preparation with the following set of questions.

  1. Explain about yourself.
  2. Why do you want to go for MBA?
  3. What motivated you to pursue MBA at this time?
  4. Why do you prefer our school?
  5. Enlist your short term career goals after completing your MBA degree.
  6. Tell me about your Long term career goals post-MBA
  7. What are your greatest strengths, enlist at least 3?
  8. Let me know 5 of your greatest weakness.
  9. The Admissions Committee are evaluating candidates applying for MBA, what are these grounds of progress from your point of view.
  10. If I give you the chance to question us, what would your question be?

Academic Experience

After enquiring about the fundamental questions, the panel may suddenly jump into the area of educational background. It is assumed to be a very important section as it is the replica of whatever knowledge you have gained over all these years of learning.

  1. What was your notable achievement during the undergraduate experience?
  2. What makes you passionate about the undergraduate major you have studied?

4.What exactly do you trait your solid scholastic execution?

  1. What skills did you learn or pick up from your undergraduate college?
  2. Have you ever dropped a class? If yes, Why?
  3. Which school classes did you like the most /least? Why?
  4. Do you think you got a decent training?
  5. Do your evaluations precisely mirror your capability?
  6. Is it safe to say that you were fiscally in charge of part or the majority of your school instruction?

Work Experience

Another essential section which would be probed by the interview panels. Your work experience depicts the skills you acquired during your work experience. The questions related to these illustrate not only your capability to plan ahead but will also help showcase how loyal you are to your commitments.

  1. What encounter likely as a rule or with particular managers you picked up from your past works?
  2. What sort of work or circumstance disappointed you the most at work?
  3. Suggest a few changes which you would do at your workplace, if a chance were given to you.
  4. Ever you have went over any imaginative considering, how you changed it up?
  5. Assume that you have not agreed with your chief, portray such an episode along with the methods you used to strike a balance to settle the issue.
  6. What part of your occupation do you generally appreciate? Why?
  7. Which achievement at work would you say you are proud of?
  8. On the off chance that I ask your administrator what he/she values in you, what would he/she say?
  9. What issues have you faced in your past positions?
  10. What have you hated in your occupation with boss X?
  11. What are some late duties you have gone up against?
  12. Which characteristics of yours lead you to achieve the pinnacle of progress?
  13. What does a run of the mill day for you look like? Portray the same.

Career Path

The questions related to career are usually asked because it illustrates your aspirations and your long term future plans.

  1. What were the reasons which made you leave your job at organization A for employment B?
  2. What will you do in the event that you are not admitted to any of the MBA programs you had applied to?
  3. What will you do in the event that you are not admitted into our MBA program?
  4. Why did you choose this particular field?
  5. Portray your optimal employment on completing the MBA degree.
  6. How do your studies or work experience align with your professional objectives?
  7. Would you say that your profession has been disjointed?
  8. On the off chance that you are unable to pursue a vocation in the department you like, what might you do next?

Leadership and Teamwork

The questions pertaining from abstract qualities describe you as a PERSON.

1.Give me two illustrations where you showed authority.

  1. How might others portray your administration style?
  2. What do you believe is the correct approach to complete things through others?
  3. What might you do if a colleague wasn’t pulling his own weight or contributing to the team?
  4. What qualities does a fruitful director need to have?
  5. Would you be able to name somebody you see as a solid pioneer? Why?
  6. Do you want to work under supervision or by yourself?
  7. Give me a case of your cooperation experience.
  8. Do you favor working in big corporates or small organizations? Why?
  9. What sort of individuals do you appreciate working with?
  10. What sort of individuals disappoint you?
  11. What sort of individuals battle to work with you?

Introspective/ Personal

The introspective or personal questions panel ask questions to judge you on what concrete plans you possess and what your ideals are in the long term. It doesn’t mean they have any personal interest to peep into your life.

  1. Describe yourself.
  2. Have you ever done any charitable effort? What was it?
  3. Were your extracurricular exercises worth the time you put into them? What competencies have they helped you to develop?
  4. What do you like doing outside of work?
  5. Enlighten me concerning something in your life you would have done another way in the event that you had the opportunity to do so.
  6. What 3 modifiers would others use to depict you?
  7. Could you review an imaginative/creative action of yours outside work?
  8. Tell me about a period you went out on a limb and what the experience was like.
  9. If you somehow happened to set up an arrangement of qualities and convictions on which to manufacture a business, what might they be?
  10. What does achievement and disappointment mean to you?
  11. Inform me concerning a period in which you fizzled.

12 How would you settle on significant choices?

  1. What might you want to change about yourself?
  2. Talk about any experience you have overseas.
  3. Depict a beneficial affair that strongly affected you?
  4. What do you get enthusiastic about?
  5. Do you get exhausted or feel stagnated? How would you resolve fatigue?
  6. What is one thing you need to pass on as your meeting reaches an end?

Behavioral/ Situational

The behavioral or the situational questions are aimed at checking how adept you are at managing things in the event of a crisis.

  1. While managing a client, think about your most troublesome circumstance and let me know how you took care of it.
  2. Given a situation when you felt your supervisor settled on a terrible choice, tell us how you would have taken care of the same from your end?
  3. Portray a period when you needed to twist the tenets a little so as to achieve an objective.
  4. Depict a circumstance where there were various things which had to be completed without a moment’s delay and how you took care of it.
  5. Depict a difference you had with your manager. What did he say? What did you say?
  6. Portray a noteworthy issue which you were confronted with at work and how you took care of it.

The MBA Program

There are questions which the MBA panels pose to you to ascertain your level of interest in pursuing an MBA degree. It is also necessary to figure out the necessity of MBA in your Career.

  1. What are you looking for in our program?
  2. What can you contribute to your class?
  3. Why do you think you would enjoy your chosen area of study?
  4. What clubs are you considering joining?
  5. It’s two years after graduation, what three words would your MBA team members use to describe you?
  6. Which other B-schools are you applying to?
  7. If you got into our B-school and B-school ‘X’, which one would you go to and why?

Curve Balls

Sometimes the panels bowl the curve balls to identify your humorous side of your behaviour.

  1. What is the most intriguing discussion you have had for the current week?
  2. Disclose something to me as though I were an eight-year-old.
  3. Let me know something you need to begin doing, something you need to accomplish a greater amount of, and something you need to do less of.
  4. What is the one thing I would have never speculated about you, even subsequent to pursuing your application?
  5. Imagine you’re a mobile phone sales representative and I’m a goat herder in Spain. How might you persuade me that I have to purchase one of your PDAs?
  6. See that paperclip on the table? Offer it to me.
  7. What is the most noticeably bad thing you’ve found out about joining our B-school
  8. What number of truck tires are there in the United States?
  9. How might you assess me as a questioner?
  10. Why are sewer vent covers round?