Conquer MBA Don’t Chase MBA

MBA is one of the highly preferred business and management degree courses among the working professionals and students as well. In the current global business scenario, the demand for MBA graduates is also increasing for the industrial roles. A comprehensive MBA from a renowned B-school offers high positioned job role, lucrative pay packages, strong network building and many more accomplishments. However, the MBA course sows the seeds for effective managerial qualities, teaches ways to optimize the available resources, educates to draft future plans for achieving the common objective of the organisation, enables to meet up the operational challenges and taking up the charge for several significant responsibilities and accountabilities.

These days, in the race of attaining MBA degree, the aspirants are blindly running behind the ordinary folks. Often, the fresh graduates and the professionals with one or two years of experience think MBA as a job entry pass to higher level jobs or top companies.  Remember, MBA is a gateway to professional achievements, it will easier your career progression journey and before deciding for its persuasion think from the perspective of below-mentioned dimensions:

Introspect: Settle-down and analyse what you’re doing in your current job role.

Foresee: how an MBA can elevate your career graph and how you’ll be benefitted.

And Act: Once you realised the aforesaid now portray the ideal structure for MBA execution.  And find out the arena of interest while selecting the MBA specialization.

Let’s recall, enrolling into a B-school isn’t a matter of securing 700+ GMAT score or 99 percentiler in CAT (Indian MBA entrance test). In the admission process a strong profile includes the sum total of years of experience absorbed while contributing to any organisation, statements of purpose for pursuing MBA degree, letters of recommendations either from HoDs or ex-employer and academic records.   

What Else B-schools Look in Applicants?

Display and demonstrate the following FIVE factors in front of the admission committee.

Leadership: The foremost important skill for upcoming supervisors. Leadership abilities can be presented and nurtured as part of added curricular activities or through work experience.

Quantitative Competence: The B-schools actively look for the candidates who have a fair knowledge about the graduate course, the works s/he has carried out in the organisation including the analytical thinking skills several other abstracts. 

Rhetoric abilities: The rhetoric abilities include the art of speaking or writing in formal and effective way in order to influence the employees. The B-schools check this quality in the candidates to evaluate their capabilities to get the things done appropriately. 

Knowledge: Knowledge might be distributed into 3 parts: Academic, Work experience- general and Associated knowledge.

Post MBA Strategies: The adcom investigates the applicant’s clear vision for long term and short-term goals. This checks their dedication and adaptability to the future roles and strategies to curb out from the challenges.

Carry Resume Like You’re Giving Your Life Book:  Draft your resume in such a pattern that exhibits your strength and achievements to the adcom.

  1. Develop an adequate academic record.
  2. Nurture hobbies/interests.
  3. Try to connect with a non-profit organization and involve with social/developmental-oriented tasks.
  4. Explain your strengths and areas of development in relation to rhetoric abilities or leadership abilities.  Don’t hesitate to talk about your flaws.
  5. In case, if you are pursuing MBA after several years of work experience; make sure that your work experience is shown in quality rather than the quantity.
  6. Last but not the least; be alert to what is going on around you in issues related to the economy, particularly in India and worldwide.

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