Everything related to the ISB Young Leaders Programme

Young Leader Program (YLP) is a unique program offered by the Indian School of Business (ISB). The program is designed for the prefinal and final year undergraduate students who want to pursue the post graduate program (PGP) from the prestigious institute of ISB. It is an option to defer admissions for academically driven students who are pursuing their final year in Undergraduate or Master’s degree. Through this program they will be able to acquire a clear perspective about management principles and other managerial techniques before they enrol for a full time program.Additionally it also provides them with a chance to advance their career in a definite and structured manner. It is a brilliant opportunity for the freshers as it claims the probable chances of securing a seat in the institute. The biggest advantage of the YLP program is that it doesn’t require the applicants to have any working experience and even freshers can apply for this program.

Young Leader Program Design Module:

The YLP is a deferred admit to the PGP post gaining 24 months of work experience. You have several options available for the PGP program – PGP in management for Senior Executives, PGP in Management for Family business, PGP in management for working professionals. The YLP, as the name suggests, the program is designed with an intention to disseminate leadership qualities among the prospective students prior to the enrolling for the above PGP flagships. The selected students have to attend weekend classes to complete this program. The YLP program is a mix of both online learning modules and classroom learning sessions as well. These modules will assist you to boost your career. You will also receive constant feedback and support from the highly competent ISB faculty. In addition to the above you will also have a the advantage of interacting with candidates from diverse backgrounds. You can also reach out to the alumni or your seniors from the same program. These classes will give a vivid idea about the course constituents and offer the students with an opportunity to interact with erudite faculty.

The course content is spread over 2 years when the candidates learn in the weekends.

The sessions focus on the following main concepts:

  • Understanding and improving on leadership qualities
  • Providing the the students with diverse career options and opportunities
  • Developing the right thought process to help solve problems in the corporate world.
  • Personality and career assessment test
  • Figuring out the various requirements to pursue a MBA degree.
  • Establishing communication, relationship management and presentation skills
  • Work on team building activities, improve your critical thinking abilities
  • Leadership and knowledge improvement sessions with the world renowned faculty of ISB
  • You also get to develop your hard and soft skills and receive feedback regarding the career choices which you make.

Eligibility Criteria For Young Leader Program:

If you would like to apply for the YLP program then you need to be in the final year of your Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree. For seeking admission into the YLP program, the admission process goes through three stages. The admission council critically evaluates the candidate’s academics records, leadership capabilities and analytical credentials.


Application form, One essay and Application fee


GMAT / GRE score, Two essays & One Evaluation


Face-to-Face interview

Campus Ambassador Program:

The Campus Ambassador Program offered at the ISB helps to facilitate the action plans for the YLP program so that any student can promote the same at their college campus. There are many benefits which you will receive by opting for this program mainly – an opportunity to work in association with the ISB team and to gain exposure, a chance to visit the famed ISB campus, a certificate of appreciation from the head of admissions. Since you will now be in charge of promoting the ISB’s Young Leader program you will be the official ambassador and representative of ISB at your college. You will have to ensure to co-ordinate the activities at your college and maintain relevant records, databases of all important details. You will also be in charge of submitting monthly reports.

Young Leader Program Fees:

YLP program fee is similar to PGP fees; it costs approximately INR 32 lakhs. You could also apply for scholarships to help you pay for your tuition fees. You will have to check the requirements and application process on ISB’s official website so that you can obtain the scholarship.

On completing your YLP and getting admitted to the PGP program you automatically tend to be a contender for managerial positions and high paying jobs as well.

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